11 thoughts on “pot·pour·ri”

  1. Hey Bogey, I’m sorry to hear of the medical issues weighing you down. I hope they are treatable and you’re back to yourself soon. Having gone through an “issue” myself last January; the tests, the waiting, then the prognosis, it lead to feelings of angst and restlessness.

  2. I was recently at a house party in the Hamptons and that first photo brought back a fresh memory.
    A rather cute young women emerged from the pool there and I had the perfect view from where I was sitting. She bent over much the same way and that perfect wet bottom of hers, glistening in the afternoon sun was just begging for a paddling. I would have loved to be the administrator of that. On a wet bottom I know it would have stung not to mention the added noise of wood striking wet flesh, especially such nice round, firm cheeks.
    If only.

    1. Those moments sure make life more fun, On the way back from Montana we stayed at several city parks that have pools. The heat brought out everyone in the small towns. Lots of Moms in bikinis. Tho some should have not been wearing them.

    1. Went to a sex therapist (with a MD, not PhD), she said : “Those pipes need to be cleaned out at least 3 times a week!”
      That’s a minimum, more is better! 😛

  3. Theo, take full advantage of what you can now. There will eventually come a time when there will be a need for medical measures.
    Trust me, that sucks and I don’t mean blowjobs either.

    1. Absolutely OBB and Hands. Once it’s gone, it ain’t coming back!
      The frequency of our joint “pipe-cleaning” coincidentally increased when she embraced my desire for regular and frequent sessions across her sweet lap or over her lovely knee. 🙂
      I have read studies and stats which show that couples who are “playful”, be it spanking, bondage, dress-up, et cetera, have sex far more often than those who do not. Be damned “Queen Victorian values”, be playful and have lots and lots of sex!

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