What was it like getting spanked in school?

From Quora, maybe true? maybe not.


7 thoughts on “What was it like getting spanked in school?”

  1. Any settlement of $50M would have an NDA included in the settlement.
    In a word, it is fiction.

  2. Damm, I got spanked in school and all I came away with was a sore rear end.

    I need a better lawyer.

  3. An unlikely tale. I was spanked, (hand, ruler and plimsoll )and also caned at school but all of the teachers who did it (one woman and five men) have all probably passed on by now.
    I am sure they all enjoyed it, one in particular, the PE guy, would pull down your shorts, It never did me any harm and it was quicker than a detention.

  4. The “big kids” always told us tales of spanking by the principal, prob tying to scare us. Of course we asked our parents who confirmed it was not allowed. That was followed up with “and if ever a teacher lays a hand on you, I want to know right away!”
    I suspect the most of it was based in urban lore passed along. I also suspect at some time, there actually was paddling in the school.

    1. There was no urban lore when I was in school. Paddlings happened every year from first to twelfth grade. Most teachers had their own paddles. Others would send you to the office for licks.

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