Not Much Of A Spanking Picture

All six of my regular readers know that I don’t post many pictures depicting spanking. That’s simply because there are damn few that I consider worth posting. Do you know of a site that has good pictures? I don’t. Most of the pictures posted here are of women that have a bottom that I would love to spank. I let my mind do the work.

This is a not so good spanking picture, but I like it. Sorry, it does not show any parts. It was taken in a home – ceiling fans are not common in motels. So it’s possible they are not spanking models. I see two things. First, she dressed in a school girl outfit to get spanked. She may never have worn one in school, but she or her spanker like the look now.

Second, I see a look of pleasant anticipation on her face. He is standing far enough away from her to be using a paddle or strap. Whatever it is, she is happily waiting to feel the sting.

Our kind of spanking

2 thoughts on “Not Much Of A Spanking Picture”

  1. She does look like she is enjoying her spanking which I also like – we have never spanked for disciplinary purposes, just as foreplay.

    He is using a paddle of some sort, you can see his right hand wrapped around the handle to the right of her thigh. Most prominent is his thumb against the lighter wood, it is either very out of focus or blurred because of motion. Critical photo analysis ends here…..

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