8 thoughts on “Gone In A Flash”

    1. I can only recall being pussy flashed once. I did not like it. We were having a small party at our home. There was a new couple. She and several people were in the kitchen when she pulled up her skirt to show another woman her piercing. I was not pleased and told her we did not do that sort of thing. So despite my hedonist behavior, I have limits.

      1. Oh come on, it’s a blast when a woman pussy flashes you and it looks like Mitch Miller.

        Or possibly Telly Savalis

  1. W-a-y back when I was in college I dated a topless go-go girl. She was not hooking on the side or anything like it, Working as a topless go-go girl simply paid more than any other job she could get and it was how she financed her college education.

    She frequented the apartment of 4 strippers that worked in the same club and occasionally I would accompany her on a visit to that apartment – there was one girl who lived there who’s opening line was always, “Wanna see my pussy?” She never waited for a reply………

  2. Another great collection OBB! Gotta love those yoga pants, how quickly and easily they slide down. The last one, I keep hearing a cartoon “spring” sound in my imagination.
    Love summer time with all those young hotties in their short shorts, [remember the Nair commercial?] that don’t quite cover their cute bums..

    1. Theo,

      Did you know that surveys show that 86% of women who wear yoga pants, don’t actually do yoga?

      Other surveys show that 98% of straight men DON’T CARE!

      1. Jim:
        As a part time statistician, whenever I hear stats, I follow the guidance from one of my fav profs; “does it make sense?” Answer: “Mmm, Hell yeah!!!!”
        When I am out and about, and being a spank-o, seeing all those ripe rumps… Sheesh, my little mind goes crazy! I’d so love to reach out with my flat palm and give one of those ripe asses a nice loud SMACK! LOL!

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