Why are the Western middle classes so angry?

Worth a read

It’s a wonder Democrats can face the day. To listen to them, they live in an America saddled with historic wealth inequality, governed by rapacious monopolies, burdened with dirty air and water. This alternate America has human-rights violations and treats women as second-class citizens. And Mitch McConnell is the Most Powerful Man on the Planet.

Points Worth Noting

Everyone knew the Iran deal was a way for the mullahs to buy time and hoard their oil profits, to purchase or steal nuclear technology, to feign moderation, and to trade some hostages for millions in terrorist-seeding cash, and then in a few years spring an announcement that it had the bomb.

No one wished to say that. Trump did. He canceled the flawed deal without a second thought.

Iran is furious, but in a far weaker—and eroding—strategic position with no serious means of escaping devastating sanctions, general impoverishment, and social unrest. So a desperate Tehran knows that it must make some show of defiance. Yet it accepts that if it were to launch a missile at a U.S. ship, hijack an American boat, or shoot down an American plane, the ensuing tit-for-tat retaliation might target the point of Iranian origin (the port that launched the ship, the airbase from which the plane took off, the silo from which the missile was launched) rather than the mere point of contact—and signal a serial stand-off 10-1 disproportionate response to every Iranian attack without ever causing a Persian Gulf war.

Everyone realized the Paris Climate Accord was a way for elites to virtue signal their green bona fides while making no adjustments in their global managerial lifestyles—at best. At worst, it was a shake-down both to transfer assets from the industrialized West to the “developing world” and to dull Western competitiveness with ascending rivals like India and China. Not now. Trump withdrew from the agreement, met or exceeded the carbon emissions reductions of the deal anyway, and has never looked back at the flawed convention. The remaining signatories have little response to the U.S. departure, and none at all to de facto American compliance to their own targeted goals.

Callipygous Bottoms – I

Less than six months ago, we were getting comments from women, those have dried up and I miss them. Eyeballs went up when we migrated to WordPress several months back, wonder why? Anywho, we are in an almost dead cell area in Montana and we are totally relaxed with nothing much on our minds. So here is a phone it in post of women who I would like to spank. Another one soon. This should please male readers.

Have you noticed that the women are more attractive than those on traditional spanking sites? Have you ever noticed that the women you see on here seldom show evidence of having been spanked? White, not red skin. I leave the spanking of them to your mind.

A former pen pal who went poof, Miss her.

How To Get A Paddling

It’s easy to get a paddling at our house. Just ask for one. Bacall will say “I will need the Teachers paddle tomorrow”. I often do the same.

I like to pull off my belt in one quick motion and watch her melt. Works just as well to double it up and snap it. She never felt a belt before she met me, so there is no Daddy issue.

Sometimes she will leave a pair of panties and a paddle for me on the bed so I will see them when I go to shower.

We know each other’s taste in paddles, select them accordingly and apply them with the desired vigor. Sometimes it’s too much, other times we need more and we say that adjustment is needed. We both love it when she says something like “Is that all you have?” Or she just swiches her bottom back and forth asking for it.

Who Decides Your Spanking Position?

I guess the corollary question would be is one position standard for you?

We all know that over the knee is the most common position for both girls and boys. Bacall gets most of her spankings over my lap with her upper body comfortable on the bed and her legs off the bed. Very little stress on body parts that way. I get none of my spankings OTK, I have never liked it for myself.

OTK is not Bacall’s fav position she often wants to be spanked with her knees on the couch facing the back of the couch. We have several couches and we put them all to good use. This also works well in our RV as she can look out the window while she is getting a hot bottom.

Another fav of hers is being bound with wrist cuffs and a spreader bar and hung with her hands over her head. She bends slightly and sticks her bottom out for the paddle.

Me? I have always favored taking a paddling bent over. Most commonly in the last few decades, I bend over the bed, rest on my elbows and arch my back. Sometimes, I like the downward dog, I feel so venerable in that position.

So for us, the position is decided by the one who is getting the hot bottom.

Spanked And Smiling

This was a tough assignment. Amateur pictures of women who have been spanked and are smiling about it. It should not be that hard, but most pictures taken show only bottoms, second, many women redness quickly fades and flash can wash out redness.

Smiling is not a problem. Never spanked a woman who did smile afterward. Yeah, I know there are hordes of men who will say they would wipe their smiles off. I can not relate to that.

How A Paddling Feels

I have to tell you, there is nothing like it. To feel that terrible shiver of anticipation. To know what awaits. 

That you want it yet dread it. Talk about mixed emotions! To give yourself over to the will of another. Not just anyone, but someone who cares about you and wants what is best for you. That feeling of security is tremendous. When you are going to paddle me, and even holding me down to receive my licks, I still feel that love welling up. Even though I’m scared or embarrassed. In those moments, I have no responsibility except to receive what you will give me. No focus other than the paddle. The security of knowing that no matter what I do, you will render what is mine. Firmly, sternly; with love.

F/M Paddling Fantasy

A old story on mine from the vault – circa 1991.

He arrived as ordered and took a place on the long wooden bench in the lobby. There were two others on the bench already. Almost at once he heard the unmistakable sounds of someone being paddled. He winced. A few minutes past and a young girl opened the door and called his name. She held the door open for him, he entered and she closed the door behind him. She smiled and told him to take off his pants. He froze. This picture of beauty and innocence was going to paddle him. Where was the principal? She told him to be quick about it. He slowly started to unbuckle his belt, while she watched. He finally got them off and she held out a pair of panties and told him to put them on. All the color drained from his face. She just stood there holding the panties, waiting for him to remove his briefs and take them from her. He turned partially away from her and removed his briefs, but he had to face her to get the panties. By the time he had them pulled up, he was not flaccid. She told him to sit down and she did too with her short skirt showing him her thighs. He got rigid. Then he heard the popping sound of a paddle. He counted them. 10. He heard some murmurs and then it started again – another 10. Then quiet. She watched him. He could feel the hard chair through the thin panties. He felt ridiculous. He also felt the warmth of his penis on his belly. How would he get up without her seeing him in this state? She was only a few years older than him. The door in the direction of where the paddling has taken place opened and there stood the principal, paddle in hand. OK, young man, I am ready for you now. How was he going to get up? Move now or I will make you wish you had. He stood. His penis standing up, making a tent in the panties he shuffled through the open door.

July 27, 1991