M/M Paddling

Confession: As an adult, I have never wanted to be paddled by a man. Even in a fantasy. Call me homophobic if you like. Nor did I ever want another man to know I had been paddled.

The other day I saw a picture of a man paddling a man. I don’t see many of those in the great sea of spanking pictures. It hit me that I think every M/M picture I have seen the man bent over was wearing tighty-whities. They seem to be the universal underwear for M/M percussive activities.

I suspect that most boys wore them. I did. I changed to boxers at 17 and stayed with them for decades. Except when it was paddling time, then I put on either tighty-whities or panties because they enhanced my spanking enjoyment. So naughty. The panties were in a way like tighty-whities.

Being paddled in boxers did not appeal to me, but I wanted to be paddled first with some underwear on, before taking the paddle bare.

For daily wear, Bacall prefers me to wear boxer-briefs. But when it’s paddle time, I put on panties.

This one I can relate to

2 thoughts on “M/M Paddling”

  1. It’s not about being homophobic, it’s about preference.
    I never had any desire to be paddled by a man but I got caught up in the frenzy of a spanking club once in Florida and found myself over another man’s lap getting spanked and it was on the bare bottom no less. I also returned the favor to him as well
    Let’s just say that it wasn’t all that different except for the power behind the spanking itself.
    Sometimes, to quote Tom Cruise, you just say “what the fuck” and do it

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