Hands63 Liked the nipples in a recent post. Let’s see how he likes this post. Yes, I know it has nada to do with spanking.

These boobs are in training to become bullet boobs. Don’t ya love the cooking props? I think that’s Hiedi on the right
After proper training
More Silliness
Don’t Have Something Else To Do?
This Ensemble Is Available From Good for $550. Nothing About The Bra Doing Any Training. $550!!!
These Will Do
PS, I am about out of images. That means I will have to revert to text.

2 thoughts on “Boobs”

  1. Pointy bras or boobs like those we used to refer to as “missile warheads”.
    Our mouths , which we referred to as “ missile targets” were where we hoped they land.

  2. Great ensemble Bogey, one of your best sets.
    Proper training is delicious, just as something else to do.
    The silliness pic is great fuel for the often debated topic of hairy versus bald. As furry as those lovely lasses are, I’d date the GIF back to the 90’s. Tan lines on second from left are a nice bonus/

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