Lingerie – Humor?

WTF? Did the ad folks think seeing women caress another woman’s girdle would sell more product?
Love the tongue
Yes, Bouncy

2 thoughts on “Lingerie – Humor?”

  1. I love lingerie, especially sheer or fishnet and #2 is sheer delight. The look on her face, and as Bogey pointed out on the tongue, the pic is a gem!
    Went to a “Weekend Marriage Workshop” back when we got newspapers; the ugly little bald headed fart running the show told us “even glancing at the underwear ads in the paper constitute adultery!” Fvck him, I got up and walked out on that. Cheers to Sears and Penny’s catalogs!

  2. I love the look of those suspender belts in the first picture. I like full fitting lingerie like them.

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