Six Of The Best

This was written by Bacall in 1997.

He was showing me the program he had downloaded, Six-of-the-Best, written by a British chap, George Ware. It was definitely oriented towards getting strokes from a headmistress/master, but it solved the dilemma of “how many” quite well and from an unconcerned third-party. I liked that. After the program determined the number of licks, it concluded with a very stern British lady saying “Very well, bend over”. I was inspired. I knew I would put this to good use very soon.

Most of our spanking play happens on weekends, after breakfast, showers and coffee. Saturday was far too hectic and so it was Sunday until we had some time to play. I told him before we got up that he was going to get his bottom paddled right after lunch. I reminded him several times during the morning. After breakfast, we did a little yard work and then went in to shower and clean up. He likes to wear panties when he is going to be paddled, I have bought him several pair for the purpose. Sometimes, when he returns from the shower he finds a pair of panties on the bed that I have laid out for him to wear. I didn’t do that this time. And I was only mildly surprised when he came into my bathroom and told me I was going to be really “mad” when I saw the panties he was wearing. He wiggled his bottom at me and, stuck out his tongue – I gave him a playful swat on his jeans. He left and I dried my hair.

When I was ready, I found him in the office and told him it was time for his paddling and I wanted to use Six-of-the-Best. He started the program up. He must have been feeling bullet-proof, as he clicked the “Tough Butt” button twice, thus increasing the number of licks he was going to get. He appealed his sentence three times, costing him 5 licks for each appeal, then he got a surprise, the program had warned him to remember the headmistress’s name, but when it asked for her name he could not recall it, so he was awarded an extra six licks. All total, he was going to get 38, a little more than I usually give him.

I sent him to get the paddle from the closet. This paddle is like the ones that were once found in so many principals offices. [So you can guess what we call it] When he returned with it, I gave my best impersonation of a British headmistress as I said: “Very well, bend over”. He laid over the large desk and gripped the opposite edge. I pulled the paddle back and brought it down with more force than I ever have. Like I said,  the audio in the program had really inspired me. I gave him five more and told him to stand up and take his down jeans. Now I really had to laugh, he was wearing a pair of my floral print panties. He had never done this before. All the panties he had worn before had been solid colored and very plain. I told him he would be very sorry he had put them on and told him to “Bend over”. He did and I put the paddle to his pantied-clad bottom 24 times. When he got up, I could tell he had really felt them. But, he still had another eight licks coming. I told him to follow me. Holding his jeans up, he followed me down the steps, through the den, down the hall and into our bedroom.

I got out the cherry paddle. It’s 3/8 inch in an oval shape that fits his fanny just right and stings like a swarm of bees. [I know!] I told him to pull the panties down and bend over the bed. He did. His bottom was bright-bright red and was now going to feel the cherry paddle on his bare bottom. I stood to his side and laid on eight hard licks in quick-time. I was somewhat surprised that he was able to take them so well.

With his paddling over, it was time for fun for me!

3 thoughts on “Six Of The Best”

  1. Great share Bacall and nicely written. I could easily and clearly visualize the event.
    There’s such a mystique to the bottom, not knowing which cheek, how hard or how fast. With the amount of taps fixed on 32, pressing the pause button after number 24, I would strongly suspect, Bogey had absolutely no idea of what, when or where was next. Changing paddles and venues for the final 8 sounds like taking one event and turning it into two really great spankings.
    One question: Did Bogey know the last 8 would be done with the cherry paddle or did he know know what the next implement would be?

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