Witnessed Spankings

Having someone present to watch you being spanked is a common fantasy. Some like to make it happen. Yes, I know most would never want to have anyone else present, but some do.

Bacall and I have had “threesomes” where all us spanked each other. We thought it was a lot of fun. You may think we are libertines. I always enjoyed watching Bacall being paddled by another woman. Women have a playfulness that men just can not manage.

Here are a few images from the web.


I don’t care for captioned F/M pictures, but this one I like

Friday night fun on the pier?
I love her expression

4 thoughts on “Witnessed Spankings”

  1. Pic 3, Friday night fun:
    Trying to imagine the story leading up to the photo and maybe a bit beyond.
    So… Two couples go out, Fred & Wilma and Barney & Betty. The ladies, being the ever so sneaky and clever gals that they are set up a bet they know they will win and Fred will lose. The bet? The loser gets a public-buck-neked-bare-bottom-paddling. With Wilma and Betty having a joyous time, making Fred yell “yabba-dabba-do!” all throughout the spankin’.
    Where’s Barney? Oh, he’s the one with the camera!

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