Panty Boy

I never know what posts will garner comments. Posts that I think are especially interesting get no comments. While a trivial post might get several comments. And so it goes.

Longtime readers know that paddling and lingerie go together for me. When it’s my time to bend over, I usually am wearing panties. They add to my excitement. I “found” several posts that are over 25 years old, from the early days of the PC. Some were written by me, others by switchy women I knew.

Here’s one I wrote. At least I think I did.

She knew he liked to be paddled wearing girls panties and she liked to paddle him in girls panties. So off to the store they went. He wondered what color she would select – yellow, peach or maybe white. They were always nylon with a little decoration and usually full cut. She wanted a snug fit, but large enough to cover his bottom and hold his cock, when it got hard – and it always did when she had him put them on. The most important thing was that they were thin so they would provide little protection to his bottom from the paddle.

She took her time selecting a pair, holding them up and asking if he liked them. When she made up her mind she gave them to him to take to the register. She hoped the clerk would realize they sure as heck would not fit her.

She wasted no time when they got back. She had him strip while she watched. His cock was already hard. He pulled the panties on. They fit to her satisfaction. She had him put on white socks and a t-shirt to complete the outfit. Now the teasing began. She stroked his cock through the panties and reminded him how much the paddle was going to sting. She got the paddle out and continued to tease him, getting him hotter and hotter.

She said in a low voice, “I am going to give you a really good paddling. You got some good paddlings when you were in school, and I’m sure you can remember how they felt. I’m going to give you the same, except this time you will be wearing girls panties while I paddle your bottom.”

She just looked at him for a long moment as if she knew the effect the sentence she had just passed had on him and then she told him to follow her. A no-nonsense principals paddle lay ready on the bed. She told him to stand at the side of the bed. He felt foolish standing there with a full erection, knowing that she was going to paddle him. It made no sense. He knew that, but it was his reality and while both embarrassed and nervous, he was still excited.

She told him to bend over the bed and rest his weight on his forearms. He had bent over many times before, but always on his palms, the extra few inches he was bent over, made his bottom, seem more venerable than ever before. For the first time since school days, his legs felt weak. He sensed that he was about to get a very through paddling.

She picked up the paddle and stepped to his left side. Things were moving very fast. She slapped the paddle on her palm and to told him to get ready. Without a pause, he felt her press the paddle to his cheeks; sighting her aim. He saw her arm go back and he felt the first lick. It burned like fire. She was swinging as hard as she could. She knew the first licks would sting more than the rest. She held the paddle in place for a second, then drew it back and gave the other cheek the same.

After the tenth lick, she told him to could stand up and take a short break. He started rubbing his bottom and she said it was getting very red. He looked into the mirror and saw she was not exaggerating; it was bright red from the center down to his legs. She certainly knew how and where to paddle. She teased his cock and fondled him making him really hot.

Before he was ready, she told him to resume his position over the bed. When he bent over, she slipped her fingers into the waistband of the panties and pulled them down. The panties were thin, but they had offered some protection from the paddle. Now he felt totally exposed and even more venerable. She resumed her position at his side and immediately started smacking his fanny with the paddle. The licks burned like fire and he blubbered that she was scorching his bottom. She said, “Good, I mean for it to really sting,” and she continued swinging the paddle without a pause.

He lost count of the number of licks. And then she stopped. He realized she was changing paddles. It could not hurt any worse – he thought. But it did. When she was through, she told him to straighten up. He did and again started rubbing his bottom; there was a real blaze in his backside. In a few moments, the erection that he had sported during the first ten licks, had lost during the second set, returned in full force and his hand went to it. She watched as he moved his hand back and forth and took his cock into her own hand.

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