What’s A Spanking?

This is another interactive post. It requires you to comment and express yourself. I would really like to get responses from spankers.

Other than sting, during or after a spanking, what senses, feelings, thoughts and ideas do you experience?

4 thoughts on “What’s A Spanking?”

  1. Talk about irony, this post came up and later that morning, I was taken OTK for, IMO, a long spanking session. With my hands flat on the floor, feet in the air, my firm BFF rubs against her soft thighs as our bodies connect.
    Going into position, I was excited. On the spanking styles chart, I’m a 4. She lays out some good stingers, plus it prolongs foreplay and we make it playful.
    Upon the first spank, my head clears completely of everything in the world. I am thinking only of my bottom and grinding my hips into her luscious legs. Frequent grinding keeps my pal standing at attention.
    She’s a master of spank disguise, in my opinion. Two or three different paddles will be used, each with their unique sting signature. The spank surprise comes from the erratic and unpredictability of where it will land, how hard or how fast. It can rain on one side or the middle or the slow type where I swear she’s trying to break the paddle.
    It goes from sharp sting to dull or slightly numb then back to sharp. This waffling pattern happens numerous times. Longer sessions have more waffling.
    I lay across, all thoughts on “where”, “how hard” and “how fast”. She always finishes with a hand spanking. To keep me on my toes, she will give a short hand spank, then back to a paddle, “D’oh” is what Homer may exclaim if across Marge’s knee. Lacing in those periodic hand spanks keeps me completely fooled on the duration of the session. I don’t want to know if it will be short or long.
    When the double tap “over” sign is given, that’s when I get this feeling of freedom. I do not feel anxious any longer, I’m totally relaxed but also feeling quite aroused.
    That was from Wednesday.

  2. Howdy boys and girls. Let’s see, where does a grown man start. Guess getting spanked by my Mom. From out of the play pen I pee’d on my older sisters coloring book. It was a long shot, but, them power of youth prevailed. When Mom got done feeding my younger sister, I got the paddle. Oh sure , I deserved it and I got ,Toyota… For birthday presents somebody always got a paddleball. And when ya swing it like a baseball bat the rubber string didn’t last long. Mom died when we were little kids, 4 of us. I grew up respecting older women. Still do. In fact I pretty much respect all Women. But since I’m not much of a typewriter guy I’m gonna cut this short. I still kinda like it when my wife paddles my butt. It changes my outlook on life and keeps me sane. Im sure happy that I happened across Our Bottoms Burning blog.

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