Some Quotes

On Capitalism – All of the criticisms one might mount against the corporate form—some of which are valid—pale in contrast to two straightforward and indeed essential virtues. First, business makes most of the stuff we enjoy and consume. Second, business is what gives most of us jobs. The two words that follow most immediately from the world of business are ‘prosperity’ and ‘opportunity.’ ” That observation is so obvious that it sounds almost sophomoric, but it no doubt needs to be said. Capitalism’s critics would likely respond that it is beside the point because it doesn’t address the vital question of social justice.
Some Quotes

I will take a pork chop over social justice any day

How education differed in the 1800’s – from a book about George Armstrong Custer.

Custer’s teachers taught him, first of all, discipline and respect for authority. A large and growing body of literature on education instructed the teachers on their duties, of which the most important was training good citizens for the Republic. The common theme in the pedagogical literature was that the maintenance of rigid discipline and authority in the schoolroom was by far the best means of inculcating respect for law and order. Corporal punishment was common. The schools also were used to pull the diverse population together; in the words of the superintendent of public instruction in Indiana, the policy was “to make of all the varieties of population among us, differing as they do in origin, language, habits of thought, modes of action, and social custom, one people, with one common interest.” The accepted method for accomplishing that goal was a heavy emphasis on American history, especially on the Revolution and the Constitution. Custer learned that his country was uniquely blessed, had the finest form of government ever conceived by man.

I’m reading “Crazy Horse and Custer: The Parallel Lives of Two American Warriors” by Stephen E. Ambrose. You may recall that in the movie Dustin Hoffman played the character of Little Big Man. Well it turns out that Little Big Man was not white at all.

“Little Big Man, once the most irreconcilable and hot-blooded of Crazy Horse’s Oglala warriors. In 1875 he rode into a council (called by the United States Government to force the Sioux to sell the Black Hills), naked save for a breechcloth and an eagle feather war bonnet, carrying a Winchester repeater in one hand, a fistful of cartridges in the other, and announced with a roar that he would kill any white man who tried to steal Indian land. Two years later he was working for the whites.”

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  1. Capitalism is only part of the story. The commandment Thou Shall not steal shows that private ownership is valid. The communist usually wants to steal anything of substance that one owns. This doesn’t mean we are to be selfish. We must be ready to give and help those that need it and are unable to work. Usually capitalist countries produce far more than communist countries and have more through their tax system to help people and also build up the country. All communist regimes have need dictatorships. Just a cursory look at the Russian communist shows how horrific society can be under that system.

  2. The Koran is a savage and murderous book. I don’t like reading it. Where they have the majority you have only got to see the results in those countries. Look at Pakistan, Yemen and Iran. Those who seem to be civilised have been fortunate because of oil and western know how.

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