Paddled At Church

The only paddling I recall at church was during a Sunday evening youth group. Two of the older boys, 17, were the group leaders. Paddlings were promised for misbehavior during the program. I wanted no part of that and keep my mouth shut and endured the program. The best looking girl in the group, the one with longest legs and full breasts did something to incur the wrath of the group leaders. After the program was over, I came back from the restroom and saw in a darkened room, the two group leaders, the girl and both of her parents. [They were our chaperones] Mom was holding her daughter’s crinoline slip out of the way so one of the boys could paddle her. I don’t recall what underwear she had one as she was side to me. I witnessed two licks and then was spotted and waved away.

I’ll bet a nickle she was spanked frequently by her Dad and that he enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Paddled At Church”

  1. I never actually witnessed a paddling at church but as a kid we always heard numerous rumors about the nuns spanking kids for misbehaving. I wouldn’t doubt it didn’t happen. They were mean bastards.
    I attended public schools but we did go every Wednesday afternoon for “religious instruction “ to the catholic school across the street , all part of making communion and confirmation being raised catholic.
    The nuns were always threatening to take you into the back room and tan your hide.
    They would teach the classes and carry this yardstick around and constantly crack you with it.
    I hated that class
    Now I wonder what it would have been like to have been spanked by one of them. I’m almost positive it would have been over their lap with your bottom bare and I’m sure they wouldn’t have stopped till you were crying.

  2. We used to hear the “big kids” tell us of paddling by the principal or at church. The guys in the neighborhood who went to the parochial school heard the same. I suppose I was at the end of that action in the schools, because it turned out to be talk and legend.
    Although one guy who went to the parochial school was instructed to come to the front of the class to have his knuckles wrapped with a ruler. His instructions from his mom were “never let anyone hit you, including a nun, if they do, hit back, defend yourself, then run home”. He told us, he didn’t have the guts to hit the nun and before she could make contact with his knuckles, he was out the door and on to home.
    In the end, the guy transferred for the rest of the year to the public school. His parents were big benefactors to the church. Many of the nuns had nicknames like Sister Bulldog, Sister Haywire and Sister Bitch. Around that time, the church began moving the nuns out and replacing them with real teachers. As it turned out, the nuns at that school were not good teachers and the students were not well prepared for high school.

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