Blistered Bottoms

I wish I could write a sexy tale about spanking like Ronnie frequently does. But, that is not me or Bacall.

A week or so back, Bacall was feeling bulletproof. I kept ramping up the paddle licks and she kept wiggling her bottom around and cooing inviting more and harder licks. After it was over, she saw that I was not using her holey paddle, but the stingy Teacher’s paddle. She was proud that she had taken so many licks with that paddle. She told me several times that day that she could still feel the residuals of the paddling.

Then she got the same thing three days later. She has been satisfied since.

I woke up from a morning nap thinking I needed a paddling. And not just any paddling. In my dream, I had on an athletic supporter. Not a sexy garment, but it has appeal for me as it seems that with the cheeks exposed you are just asking for it. And I was going to ask for it.

So it was going to be bare bottom from the start and to make it worse, my dream had the dreaded black paddle being used.

I put on the supporter, got the paddle and told Bacall that I needed to bend over the dining room chair and be paddled.

From the crack of the first lick, we both knew that something was different. It burned like never before. She was giddy with the sound the paddle was making and seeing me squirm. She could not keep from smiling and laughing.

After all these years, why did this paddling stand out? We can only speculate. You may recall she had foot surgery last September and just that week had got her new inserts. I am guessing the surgery plus the inserts gave her a firm platform and she was able to really get her hips into the swing for the first time in years.

After only eight licks, I felt well paddled and did not see any reason to continue. We retired to the bedroom.

6 thoughts on “Blistered Bottoms”

  1. As a child, my bud’s mom’s most frequent saying was “I’m going to blister your bottom!”
    Thanks for share, I enjoyed starting my day with the read. And as for share, I share the preference of the athletic supporter as “being spanked” attire. The straps seem to frame the targeting area. And like you said, seam to scream “spank me!”
    Question: can you describe the dreaded black further? You have aroused my curiosity.

  2. Like me You’re getting older my friend. You savor it more now rather than challenge it like when you were younger.
    Bacall is a seasoned veteran as well, doesn’t have to swing for the fences anymore , just solid line drive extra base hits.

  3. She was giddy with the sound the paddle was making and seeing me squirm. I’d love to have been there.. You are too kind, thank you.

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