Early Us

I want to tell you about early us. We were spanking each other before we married. I was not doing a good job for her. I thought that since I liked wood paddles, it was the only way to go. So it wound up with me getting paddled a lot more than her. 15 or so years go by and she discovers leather paddles and she is all over that. About the same time, we both learned to share our spanking desires with each other. No more mind reading. That really turned things up for both of us. Much hotter play. We learned to ask for what we wanted.

For instance, she will say she could use a bottom toasting the next day. I will spend the next 24 hours teasing her about what is going to happen. Things, like “Well, you know I am not going to let you off easy. You are going to have to take your licks”. This appeals to her force fantasy. Or “I think you need to be bound and cuffed”. She loves light bondage and being taken. Or maybe, “I am going to take you in the closet and paddle you”. Getting paddled and laid in the closet is a turn on for her. We all have our quirts.

She does the same to me describing the paddling she is going to give me. Most of her stories are invented on the fly and begin with “Once upon a time”. I should record them. But’’ it’s hard to think about recording when she is breathlessly telling me a story and rubbing me.

No fooling

2 thoughts on “Early Us”

  1. I love the playfulness of the interaction. I believe you call it when the done by the bottom as “sassy”. I like that term. The taunts by the top, they add to the suspense and anticipation. There are so many receptors to a spanking, it goes so far beyond a stinging bottom. The build up, the anticipation, the sounds, surrendering, and so much more.

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