Six Of The Best

This was written by Bacall in 1997.

He was showing me the program he had downloaded, Six-of-the-Best, written by a British chap, George Ware. It was definitely oriented towards getting strokes from a headmistress/master, but it solved the dilemma of “how many” quite well and from an unconcerned third-party. I liked that. After the program determined the number of licks, it concluded with a very stern British lady saying “Very well, bend over”. I was inspired. I knew I would put this to good use very soon.

Most of our spanking play happens on weekends, after breakfast, showers and coffee. Saturday was far too hectic and so it was Sunday until we had some time to play. I told him before we got up that he was going to get his bottom paddled right after lunch. I reminded him several times during the morning. After breakfast, we did a little yard work and then went in to shower and clean up. He likes to wear panties when he is going to be paddled, I have bought him several pair for the purpose. Sometimes, when he returns from the shower he finds a pair of panties on the bed that I have laid out for him to wear. I didn’t do that this time. And I was only mildly surprised when he came into my bathroom and told me I was going to be really “mad” when I saw the panties he was wearing. He wiggled his bottom at me and, stuck out his tongue – I gave him a playful swat on his jeans. He left and I dried my hair.

When I was ready, I found him in the office and told him it was time for his paddling and I wanted to use Six-of-the-Best. He started the program up. He must have been feeling bullet-proof, as he clicked the “Tough Butt” button twice, thus increasing the number of licks he was going to get. He appealed his sentence three times, costing him 5 licks for each appeal, then he got a surprise, the program had warned him to remember the headmistress’s name, but when it asked for her name he could not recall it, so he was awarded an extra six licks. All total, he was going to get 38, a little more than I usually give him.

I sent him to get the paddle from the closet. This paddle is like the ones that were once found in so many principals offices. [So you can guess what we call it] When he returned with it, I gave my best impersonation of a British headmistress as I said: “Very well, bend over”. He laid over the large desk and gripped the opposite edge. I pulled the paddle back and brought it down with more force than I ever have. Like I said,  the audio in the program had really inspired me. I gave him five more and told him to stand up and take his down jeans. Now I really had to laugh, he was wearing a pair of my floral print panties. He had never done this before. All the panties he had worn before had been solid colored and very plain. I told him he would be very sorry he had put them on and told him to “Bend over”. He did and I put the paddle to his pantied-clad bottom 24 times. When he got up, I could tell he had really felt them. But, he still had another eight licks coming. I told him to follow me. Holding his jeans up, he followed me down the steps, through the den, down the hall and into our bedroom.

I got out the cherry paddle. It’s 3/8 inch in an oval shape that fits his fanny just right and stings like a swarm of bees. [I know!] I told him to pull the panties down and bend over the bed. He did. His bottom was bright-bright red and was now going to feel the cherry paddle on his bare bottom. I stood to his side and laid on eight hard licks in quick-time. I was somewhat surprised that he was able to take them so well.

With his paddling over, it was time for fun for me!

Witnessed Spankings

Having someone present to watch you being spanked is a common fantasy. Some like to make it happen. Yes, I know most would never want to have anyone else present, but some do.

Bacall and I have had “threesomes” where all us spanked each other. We thought it was a lot of fun. You may think we are libertines. I always enjoyed watching Bacall being paddled by another woman. Women have a playfulness that men just can not manage.

Here are a few images from the web.


I don’t care for captioned F/M pictures, but this one I like

Friday night fun on the pier?
I love her expression

Panty Boy

I never know what posts will garner comments. Posts that I think are especially interesting get no comments. While a trivial post might get several comments. And so it goes.

Longtime readers know that paddling and lingerie go together for me. When it’s my time to bend over, I usually am wearing panties. They add to my excitement. I “found” several posts that are over 25 years old, from the early days of the PC. Some were written by me, others by switchy women I knew.

Here’s one I wrote. At least I think I did.

She knew he liked to be paddled wearing girls panties and she liked to paddle him in girls panties. So off to the store they went. He wondered what color she would select – yellow, peach or maybe white. They were always nylon with a little decoration and usually full cut. She wanted a snug fit, but large enough to cover his bottom and hold his cock, when it got hard – and it always did when she had him put them on. The most important thing was that they were thin so they would provide little protection to his bottom from the paddle.

She took her time selecting a pair, holding them up and asking if he liked them. When she made up her mind she gave them to him to take to the register. She hoped the clerk would realize they sure as heck would not fit her.

She wasted no time when they got back. She had him strip while she watched. His cock was already hard. He pulled the panties on. They fit to her satisfaction. She had him put on white socks and a t-shirt to complete the outfit. Now the teasing began. She stroked his cock through the panties and reminded him how much the paddle was going to sting. She got the paddle out and continued to tease him, getting him hotter and hotter.

She said in a low voice, “I am going to give you a really good paddling. You got some good paddlings when you were in school, and I’m sure you can remember how they felt. I’m going to give you the same, except this time you will be wearing girls panties while I paddle your bottom.”

She just looked at him for a long moment as if she knew the effect the sentence she had just passed had on him and then she told him to follow her. A no-nonsense principals paddle lay ready on the bed. She told him to stand at the side of the bed. He felt foolish standing there with a full erection, knowing that she was going to paddle him. It made no sense. He knew that, but it was his reality and while both embarrassed and nervous, he was still excited.

She told him to bend over the bed and rest his weight on his forearms. He had bent over many times before, but always on his palms, the extra few inches he was bent over, made his bottom, seem more venerable than ever before. For the first time since school days, his legs felt weak. He sensed that he was about to get a very through paddling.

She picked up the paddle and stepped to his left side. Things were moving very fast. She slapped the paddle on her palm and to told him to get ready. Without a pause, he felt her press the paddle to his cheeks; sighting her aim. He saw her arm go back and he felt the first lick. It burned like fire. She was swinging as hard as she could. She knew the first licks would sting more than the rest. She held the paddle in place for a second, then drew it back and gave the other cheek the same.

After the tenth lick, she told him to could stand up and take a short break. He started rubbing his bottom and she said it was getting very red. He looked into the mirror and saw she was not exaggerating; it was bright red from the center down to his legs. She certainly knew how and where to paddle. She teased his cock and fondled him making him really hot.

Before he was ready, she told him to resume his position over the bed. When he bent over, she slipped her fingers into the waistband of the panties and pulled them down. The panties were thin, but they had offered some protection from the paddle. Now he felt totally exposed and even more venerable. She resumed her position at his side and immediately started smacking his fanny with the paddle. The licks burned like fire and he blubbered that she was scorching his bottom. She said, “Good, I mean for it to really sting,” and she continued swinging the paddle without a pause.

He lost count of the number of licks. And then she stopped. He realized she was changing paddles. It could not hurt any worse – he thought. But it did. When she was through, she told him to straighten up. He did and again started rubbing his bottom; there was a real blaze in his backside. In a few moments, the erection that he had sported during the first ten licks, had lost during the second set, returned in full force and his hand went to it. She watched as he moved his hand back and forth and took his cock into her own hand.

Turn Off’s

My list of requirements for a female companion is extensive before I even think about her personality or her affinity for spanking.

1) I served in the Navy, so I have seen a lot of tats. I don’t like them on men. They are a total turnoff on a woman.

2) Size matters. North of dress size 18, no way.

3) Boobs – B or C cup

4) Clothes – The scale is from Lena Dunham to Malania. The woman I am interested in dress like Malania.

5) Call me racist, must be white, Scotch-Irish white.

6) Quick with a smile.

7) No depression or drama

8) Loves sex

Some Quotes

On Capitalism – All of the criticisms one might mount against the corporate form—some of which are valid—pale in contrast to two straightforward and indeed essential virtues. First, business makes most of the stuff we enjoy and consume. Second, business is what gives most of us jobs. The two words that follow most immediately from the world of business are ‘prosperity’ and ‘opportunity.’ ” That observation is so obvious that it sounds almost sophomoric, but it no doubt needs to be said. Capitalism’s critics would likely respond that it is beside the point because it doesn’t address the vital question of social justice.
Some Quotes

I will take a pork chop over social justice any day

How education differed in the 1800’s – from a book about George Armstrong Custer.

Custer’s teachers taught him, first of all, discipline and respect for authority. A large and growing body of literature on education instructed the teachers on their duties, of which the most important was training good citizens for the Republic. The common theme in the pedagogical literature was that the maintenance of rigid discipline and authority in the schoolroom was by far the best means of inculcating respect for law and order. Corporal punishment was common. The schools also were used to pull the diverse population together; in the words of the superintendent of public instruction in Indiana, the policy was “to make of all the varieties of population among us, differing as they do in origin, language, habits of thought, modes of action, and social custom, one people, with one common interest.” The accepted method for accomplishing that goal was a heavy emphasis on American history, especially on the Revolution and the Constitution. Custer learned that his country was uniquely blessed, had the finest form of government ever conceived by man.

I’m reading “Crazy Horse and Custer: The Parallel Lives of Two American Warriors” by Stephen E. Ambrose. You may recall that in the movie Dustin Hoffman played the character of Little Big Man. Well it turns out that Little Big Man was not white at all.

“Little Big Man, once the most irreconcilable and hot-blooded of Crazy Horse’s Oglala warriors. In 1875 he rode into a council (called by the United States Government to force the Sioux to sell the Black Hills), naked save for a breechcloth and an eagle feather war bonnet, carrying a Winchester repeater in one hand, a fistful of cartridges in the other, and announced with a roar that he would kill any white man who tried to steal Indian land. Two years later he was working for the whites.”

Walking In The Rain

A reader shared this:

Depending on the mood, and if it’s a warm rain, my husband and I will go out walking in it. The very first time we did it was before we got married, and we were on our way to his folks’ place. He suddenly pulled off on a little back road, then turned down a little field road that led back into a grove of trees. There was a little pond right in the middle and we walked around it, getting pretty wet before we got back to the car. We made love right there, standing against the car, in the rain, and it was pretty magical. We’ve stopped at that pond a few other times, but that first time is still the best!

I am sure many of us have an experience with rain. We raced sailboats for a quarter decade, so we have lots of wet experiences. Perhaps the worst was when the wind dies in a steady deluge. Just floating. The rain gear keeps most of it off, but more than once we tacked and a bucket full poured off the sail down my back.

The best memory was years ago. I was car shopping, walking between adjacent downtown dealerships. It was a warm day, the rain was in droplet form, but not heavy, not windblown, just delightfully warm. I got soaked all the way and it felt so good I continued walking just to be in the rain.

Paddled At Church

The only paddling I recall at church was during a Sunday evening youth group. Two of the older boys, 17, were the group leaders. Paddlings were promised for misbehavior during the program. I wanted no part of that and keep my mouth shut and endured the program. The best looking girl in the group, the one with longest legs and full breasts did something to incur the wrath of the group leaders. After the program was over, I came back from the restroom and saw in a darkened room, the two group leaders, the girl and both of her parents. [They were our chaperones] Mom was holding her daughter’s crinoline slip out of the way so one of the boys could paddle her. I don’t recall what underwear she had one as she was side to me. I witnessed two licks and then was spotted and waved away.

I’ll bet a nickle she was spanked frequently by her Dad and that he enjoyed it.

Another Grab Bag Of Topics

I’m reading “Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution” by Tucker Carlson and wanted to share this quote with you.

“A 2017 Cato Institute survey found that 52 percent of self-identified Democrats, of all ages, viewed government suppression of offensive speech as more important than the unfettered right to say whatever one wants.”

How could one change the virtually anarchic Indian, who was in the habit of doing as he pleased, into a stable and productive citizen? The answer was simple and direct, as it had been throughout the period of white contact with the red men. First, make them dependent. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark saw this in a flash after their initial encounter with the Sioux, of whom they said, “These are the vilest miscreants of the savage race, and must ever remain the pirates of the Missouri, until such measures are pursued, by our government, as will make them feel a dependence on its will for their supply of merchandise.”

All that would then be needed to put the Indian on the road to civilization was, in the words of Henry Knox, the Secretary of War in 1789, to give the Indian “a love for exclusive property.”

We travel the western states every year, we would say the strategy worked.

Peggy Noonan
On Extremism
It’s not enough that contraceptives be covered in the government-mandated plan; the nuns must conform. It’s not enough you be sensitive to the effect of your words and language; you must be punished for saying or thinking the wrong thing. It’s not enough that gay marriage is legal; you must be forced to bake the cake. It won’t do that attention be paid to scientific arguments on the environment; America must upend itself with green new deals or be judged not to care about children.

Nothing can be moderate or incremental, everything must be sweeping and definitive. It is all so maximalist, and bullying.

In that environment people start to think that giving an inch is giving a yard. And so they won’t budge.

You don’t even get credit for being extreme in your views but mild in your manner. Now you must be extreme in your manner or it doesn’t count, you’re not one of us.

Jason Riley writes:
Democrats have settled on a strategy for making Donald Trump a one-term president, and it amounts to rehashing last week’s Michael Cohen fiasco over and over between now and November 2020. The Democratic Party now controls nearly two dozen House committees, with the power to convene hearings, question administration officials and subpoena documents. For the next 20 months, we’ll be treated to hearing after hearing that reveals facts we already know. The goal is to keep the political press writing about scandal and little else. The goal is to turn obscure figures like Annie Donaldson and Allen Weisselberg and David Pecker and Paul Manafort into household names. The goal is not to unearth new information but to create a spectacle for television cameras and lay the groundwork for impeachment proceedings.

Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee chairman, acknowledged as much to ABC News on Sunday, when he said that “impeachment is a long way down the road. We don’t have the facts yet.” Nevertheless, he added: “It’s very clear that the president obstructed justice.” Like Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen, Mr. Nadler reaches his conclusions before he gathers his facts. Mr. Nadler and his colleagues are just getting started. They are targeting not only the president and his administration but also the Trump business, foundation and family.

Peggy Noonan
The air is full of accusation and humiliation. We have seen this spirit most famously on the campuses, where students protest harshly, sometimes violently, views they wish to suppress. Social media is full of swarming political and ideological mobs. In an interesting departure from democratic tradition, they don’t try to win the other side over. They only condemn and attempt to silence.

Charles Krauthammer
“What distinguishes Trump Derangement Syndrome is not just general hysteria about the subject, but additionally the inability to distinguish between legitimate policy differences on the one hand and signs of psychic pathology on the other.”

An important cause of this turmoil is the decline of representative government, in which law is enacted by elected legislatures, and the rise of declarative government, in which law is dispensed by bureaucracies and courts.

The Obvious – 55 percent of the country is socially and economically conservative and yet 90 percent of our influence creators—Hollywood, network news and programming, the mainstream media, the Internet and social media, foundations, universities, professional sports, most big corporations—are leftwing. The result is that the old silent majority is like some ancient defiant sandstone rock jutting out on the beach, as the relentless surf insidiously pounds it and wears it ever so slowly away.

Blistered Bottoms

I wish I could write a sexy tale about spanking like Ronnie frequently does. But, that is not me or Bacall.

A week or so back, Bacall was feeling bulletproof. I kept ramping up the paddle licks and she kept wiggling her bottom around and cooing inviting more and harder licks. After it was over, she saw that I was not using her holey paddle, but the stingy Teacher’s paddle. She was proud that she had taken so many licks with that paddle. She told me several times that day that she could still feel the residuals of the paddling.

Then she got the same thing three days later. She has been satisfied since.

I woke up from a morning nap thinking I needed a paddling. And not just any paddling. In my dream, I had on an athletic supporter. Not a sexy garment, but it has appeal for me as it seems that with the cheeks exposed you are just asking for it. And I was going to ask for it.

So it was going to be bare bottom from the start and to make it worse, my dream had the dreaded black paddle being used.

I put on the supporter, got the paddle and told Bacall that I needed to bend over the dining room chair and be paddled.

From the crack of the first lick, we both knew that something was different. It burned like never before. She was giddy with the sound the paddle was making and seeing me squirm. She could not keep from smiling and laughing.

After all these years, why did this paddling stand out? We can only speculate. You may recall she had foot surgery last September and just that week had got her new inserts. I am guessing the surgery plus the inserts gave her a firm platform and she was able to really get her hips into the swing for the first time in years.

After only eight licks, I felt well paddled and did not see any reason to continue. We retired to the bedroom.