A little bit of this and that today.

I wonder why in pictures of women holding canes they almost always bend the cane. Why is that? Is it to show dominance?

Satisfying my need to objective women? A cute girl with eyes I could fall into.

Nice to find in your Inbox
There were no women on my ship
Strange, but an interesting outfit

3 thoughts on “Pot·pour·ri”

  1. True , you always see them bending canes. You’re probably correct about the dominance position.
    If you ask me it’s more dominant when you hear the sound of that cane when she swishes it through the air while you’re tied to that bench waiting for the caning to begin.
    I’ve been caned twice in my life. It’s a much different experience from that of a spanking , paddling or strap.
    That sting the cane makes on your bottom seems to just intensify from the time it makes impacts and the seconds pass till the next stroke. Seems to last for several days as well.

  2. #2; those eyes are indeed dreamy.
    #3; like she’s taking a tease pic to send, “this is what you’re missing while on that business trip!”
    #5; looks like Sophia Loren as a naughty teacher at Hogwarts. If her naval is visible, then why not her nipples too? Or should that be two… 😋

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