Spanking Fantasies

Today, let’s try something different. It was suggested by a reader. It requires your participation. You have to comment or the post will be a failure. It’s up to you.

  • Have you ever had a spanking fantasy come true?
  • If yes; was it as good as the fantasy, better than the fantasy or a let down?

Your turn.

20 thoughts on “Spanking Fantasies”

  1. I guess this was once a fantasy of mine that eventually came true.
    I always wanted to go to a “professional “ disciplinarian to be spanked, paddled etc and see just what the experience would be like. I had this conception of a pro as being different from engaging in play with my spouse or other women I know.
    Well, I did some research and decided to contact a pro via email and made arrangements.
    She is well know to the spanking community, has done numerous videos and I found her the most physically appealing to me.
    So I went. I arrived at her home early and when she opened the door she was exactly as her videos portrayed her. Shorter than me, but a great body , red hair, dressed like an old fashioned schoolteacher in blouse and skirt.
    However she had a voice that was a cross between someone from the Jersey Shore and an annoying ex-wife.
    We settled into her play room. It was pretty well equipped with various implements hanging on the wall , a simple straight back chair against one wall and in the center was a spanking bench.
    We had previously discussed via email what I was interested in and we went over the scenario once again.
    Basically it was to enact one of her videos.
    After we handled the finances she instructed me to get the chair which was against the wall and place it closer to the middle of the room. She took a seat and pulled me by the arm next to her. I got a brief scolding about what was to happen and she pulled my over her lap and began spanking me by hand on my pants. She continued to scold and spank and after a short time she stopped, told me to get up and she undid my pants , pulled them down and I went back over her lap. The spanking continued eventually stopping one more time for her to remove my underwear and then she really spanked me much harder on the bare.
    It lasted quite a while. When she was done OTK. I was told to get up, remove all my clothing and get on to the spanking bench
    She secured my hands and feet to the bench. I was somewhat immobilized.
    She then walked around me slowly , her high heels made that echoing noise on the hard wood floor. Her voice though penetrated my ears while she told me what I was now in for. Carefully she selected a wooden paddle from her collection and kept smacking it against her hand. The sounds made all added to the experience. That room echoed.
    She got behind me and I could feel her placing that paddle on my ass and tapping the target. Then they came, several hard swats in a row. I jumped and struggled a bit against the restraints. Then another group of swats. Then another. Together about 24.
    My ass was on fire. She put down the paddle and softly rubbed my bottom. But she also said she wasn’t done. With that she picked out a strap. Walked around me making noise with it. Got to rear and began swinging. I took at least a dozen before I started to beg her to stop. It was all part of what I had asked for. She delivered several more and then released me from my bindings. I was instructed to stand in the corner for a time
    I did forget to mention that all during the discipline she kept removing pieces of her clothing as well until by the end she was working only in heels, panties and bra.
    We sat for a time and talked. I actually enjoyed my time with her. It turned out better that I had thought. Fantasy fulfilled. Cross off the bucket list.

  2. I have long harboured a fantasy that my wife would spank me with various implements with such a vigour that I would feel it quite intensly while making love to her until she could bear it no more. Fortunately this fantasy has become a reality a lot in the last ten years or so. Although, the last time was last September. I am, however, hoping to clear the house this weekend so I can become familiar again with my toys.


      1. It certainly was memorable. And making love to her until she can’t bear it I mean pleasuring her orally. She can only take so much. Sometimes it’s only one or two orgasms, sometimes more. I try to maximise my gratitude…
        It’s been a while since my last spanking, I had tears in my eyes and it was wonderful. Then we had ice cream and watched The Orville.


      1. There’s something really special about knowing you have one coming. It gets the mind racing, which implement, how long the session, how intense the spank.
        Thank you for the share, I enjoyed reading it. One question, if you don’t mind. On the 24, did you count them or was she doing it?

  3. My fantasy was to be taken OTK and paddled on the bare. We’d been spanking on and off, bare hand on bare bottom, a few slaps, maybe 2 dozen, boom and call it done. It felt like every time the spanking was getting good, it stopped. Like reaching a climax to a mystery and not hearing who did it.

    I worked my way up the “spank scale”, explained how I would like more frequent and longer sessions. She agreed and we continued, bare hand on bare bottom. I had been fantasizing about receiving the paddle for months, even bought one but kept put away. After a couple months of “stress relief” sessions, I finally acquired the nerve to present her with the paddle.
    I had wondered; “Would it hurt?” “Would it sting?” “How much could I take?” “How hard would she lay the paddle on?”

    As I climbed into position, I handed her the paddle suggesting she could swirl and tease between spanks if she like. She replied “There will be no teasing, this is going to be a SPANKING!” If I were to have been standing when she announced that, I’d surely have fallen from going weak in the knees.

    My mind began to race; “What have I got myself into?” Will I love it, like it, dislike it, hate it and/or regret it? Her hand came down and I heard that familiar sound that can only be caused by one thing; her hand giving my bare bottom a stern “how do you do”.

    After a few from her hand, the spanks melted into what had to be the paddle. It was by the third paddle spank, I realized the change. The sting had such greater intensity and richness, it really expanded my sense of feeling. As the sting intensified, it rose to such a high, then gradually, my bottom felt numb. The paddle continued to fall, the numbness melted away into a rich sting again. And so the sinusoidal pattern of rich sting to numb and back continued.

    Later over that day and the next two or three, I thought about how amazing the session was and anticipating the next appointment. Was the actual event better, worse or same as fantasy? Easily better than fantasized about. What made it better? I’d had concerns, maybe fears of being rejected on my request or laughingly belittled. Acceptance without judgement is probably what made it better.

    Lastly, thank you to whoever posted about the two-sided leather paddle. The one which is padded on one side, and not on the other. It has become a fav.

    1. Theo, the number 24 was actually a guesstimate. I don’t recall the exact number of paddle swats I received and I do know there was no counting by either myself or her. I just remember that every time she did administer the swats they came in groups of 4 or 5 and that happened several times.
      Actually what was more exciting for me was the sounds involved in the actual paddling. The sounds of her heels as she circled me after every round of swats. The sounds of her slapping that paddle against her hands as she walked. The actual sounds of that paddle making contact with my ass. That room we were in acted like an echo chamber. I could even hear the paddle when she would tap it on my bare bottom sizing me up just before the onslaught. Of course the contact was what I was there for make no mistake but to me a good paddling is more than just the sting

      1. Thanks for the reply Hands. The reason I asked on the counting is I’ve heard two sides, one for and one against. I side against, as either top or bottom, the focus should be upon the sting and not on the number.
        So agree on the “sense of sound”. The slap makes such a distinct sound, like no other and is a part of the experience. Her walking and pacing most likely added to the anticipation? Yes a good paddling uses many senses, not just touch.

      1. I’m not. Oh on the counting of strokes. I won’t say I’ve never done it but it takes something away from the whole experience, makes it sort of childish.
        I’d rather not know what’s coming or when or how hard. Anticipation of a good spanking/paddling is a major part of the spanking/paddling itself

  4. Yorkie, “Watched the Orville”
    It’s amazing how much some of us here have in common. You must also be a Star Trek fan.

    1. I am indeed a Star Trek fan. I am loving Discovery. Although my wife keeps telling me not to think too much when I try to reconcile it with Original Series.


      1. How about if the Star Trek crew went to the planet of Red-Bottoms in the galaxy of Spanking.
        How would Kirk, Bones, Scottie and Spock respond?
        And Ohura [sp?] in a black plastic dominatrix outfit? OMG!!!
        I can hear Scottie now as he’s getting a paddling; “She’s giving it all she’s got Captain! I don’t know how much more it can take!!!”

      2. Yorkie, haven’t seen Discovery, I just refuse to subscribe and pay to watch it. I really haven’t heard great reviews either. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it.
        What I’m enjoying about the Orville is the cast of former Trek people that are guest starring. The second season has definitely improved.

        Now some Star Trek Spanking trivia since this is actually a spanking blog.
        Did you know that Kirk makes reference to giving a spanking in an episode of Star Trek?
        Season 3 episode 13. “Elaan of Troyius”
        Kirk threatened the Elaan with an “old earth custom” called a “spanking” if she didn’t behave.
        Would have loved to see him actually do it.
        I always wanted to be spanked by “7 of 9”. Resistance would have been futile

  5. I would not call them fantasy paddlings, just paddlings that I have asked for from women. Everything seemed to be in order, I thought she understood what she was to do. But in every case, something was missing. After several disappointments, I knew no one could do it for me like Bacall.

    I can say that a few roleplays I did where I was doing the paddling exceeded both of our expectations. Good memories.

    I should mention that Bacall knew and was sometimes present for each of these sessions. We have no secrets.

    Good thread, thanks for the idea Theo.

    1. Thanks for the shout-out Bogey.
      I can see how the role playing would really kick up the feeling of anticipation, adding to the entire experience.
      Now I feel compelled to study the difference between dreams and fantasies.

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