5 thoughts on “From The Vault – Paddled At School”

  1. Never got the paddle at school but did receive a good OTK hand spanking once. Got spanked along with my friend by two female teachers for doing something stupid like most kids do at that age.
    These days I prefer the paddle on the bare.

  2. I think I would have preferred an OTK spanking over the paddle. I have not heard of many of those given at schools.

    According to Google stats not many are reading the story linked to in this post. A good one I thought.

  3. There have been a lot of connectivity issues lately with blogs in general. I managed to link to your story after several tries. Never was able to get to the link from your post about dick pics.

    Anyway getting back to the original message. I guess being hand spanked was probably the lesser of two evils back then, but I was spanked while several others witnessed the event and it was also agreed that the spanking was to be bare bottomed. At the age of 14 it left an impression till today. Could probably be the reason that as the years went on I enjoyed getting involved in group spankings.

    I also wish more of your followers would participate on these posts. It could make for some interesting banter.

  4. You had two women, teachers, I suppose, spanking you OTK. Or was one for you and the another for the other boy?

    AND there were several other witnesses. All teachers?

    I don't doubt it left an impression. You simply must share the whole story. Send it to me for a future post.

    As most of the spanking blogs I enjoyed are history, about all that's left are tumblr sites – all posting the same pictures. So you are not the only one that wishes more folks would participate.

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