A Too Long Weekend

This was two decades ago and our memory is really fuzzy.

This much we recall. Seven sassy women and two guys went on a long weekend trip to the Gulf coast. The women came from South Carolina, Michigan, Alabama, Mississippi and Ontario. A geographically diverse group with one thing in common, they liked acting sassy and getting spanked.

The first afternoon, one of the women was a little too full of herself and did something to really irritate Bacall. Later that day she pissed me off royally. She just did not play well with others. By the time the holiday was over she was feeling contrite and invited Bacall to paddle her. And paddle her she did – bare bottom in front of everyone.

After a time, she sucked up enough and I forgave her. Bacall never did.

3 thoughts on “A Too Long Weekend”

  1. We used to host game nights with 3 to 4 other families. There was a family with a rambunctious boy who would antagonize his mom, his dad, then others. He peppered away until his mom, who had a short fuse, would grab him by the arm, dragged him into the first bedroom, closed the door, then let him have it. Why did they close the door? Everyone heard it and everyone knew “Andrew” was getting a rapid fire spanking on his bare bottom. The lad would howl and holler, then mom would emerge from the room, let out a triumphant huff upon rejoining the group. The lad? Oh, well, a few minutes later, one could tell he had been crying, but he was as happy as a clam. He seemed to crave mom’s spankings. The entire scene was a regular occurrence.
    Sorry for the long and belabored reply; perhaps the lady Bacall paddled had the same cravings the lad had?

    Secretly, in the back of my mind, I wondered how often the dad went across mom’s knee, LOL…

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