Tie Me Up

One from the vault – a March 2011 post

Bogey writes: Yesterday, Bacall mentioned that I would need to tie her up today. I understood. In our early life, we had a hard time understanding each others needs because we did not communicate. After attending a few spanking parties we decided we could actually tell each other what we wanted to happen to us. I know that asking for a spanking is considered worse than shooting yourself in the foot for many, but it works for us.

Tie her up meant she wanted some light bondage and some heavier paddling. Got it. I mentioned things that might happen to her the rest of yesterday and continued teasing her today. She quivered a little each time. By late morning, she had worked herself into a darn good resemblance of a submissive lass.

Bacall writes: Today is a nice rainy morning, so what else do you do on such a day, but play.  We discussed it yesterday so as to build the excitement.  [Anticipation, trepidation, etc.] And what a morning it was.  I dressed in my Persian Slave Princess attire and was summoned upstairs where the spanking bench was waiting.  I was blindfolded and my hands were cuffed.  I was told to kneel down on the bench and the cuffs were attached to the bench.  Obviously I was not leaving that position.  Being blindfolded gives a sense of loss of control and kind of disorientation.  I did not know what would happened.  Well, that’s wrong, I knew exactly what was going to happened, I just didn’t know which implement was going to be used first.

First was the leather slapper.  It’s delightful for me, not too much sting but a wonderful slapping sound which is so important to the mind.  Of course, Bogey got a few “Oh’s and Ouch’s from me.  Then Bogey instructed me to give him deep kisses on his love muscle, which I was more than happy to do.  Next came the crop and I don’t know who enjoyed it more.  If something else was used, I just don’t know it because my mind was so into my bottom.  I got a break and was released from the bench.

Next we came back downstairs to our bedroom.  [Bogey interjects: Darling, you forgot about sitting in the chair with your legs held up high and getting eight licks with the batten on your inner thighs. I must not have done a very good job since you forgot. I promise to make it up to you] My panties came down and I bent over the bed and received pops with my holey paddle.  By then my mind was so into this, so Bogey used the red paddle, which I must say was completely satisfying.   And the rest — well you can figure that out.

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  1. What a great little anecdote. I’m in such a dry spell at the moment this makes me just a little envious.


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