Mutual Masturbation

Well, that’s not exactly what this is about, but it’s really close. I have observed that we are in a minority within a minority. We spank just for sexual pleasure. That’s just 20% of all spanko’s. Then we are both switches who switch with each other. As my Mother would say, that’s are rare as hen’s teeth. Maybe we are one-percenters?

The paddlings in our early marriage were for one of us. Either Bacall or I would be the receiver. The next day usually the other would be catching. It just seemed to way to do it. A decade or so went by and Bacall decided we would have what she calls Joint Action sessions. I will never forget that term. That meant we would take turns paddling each other before we engaged in sex. Sometimes she wanted it to be all about her or all about me, but the default has been joint action sessions.

We settled in a pattern of me spanking her first. I am rigid before we even get going and it excites her to know that I want her. While I paddle her I keep her stimulated and always try to give her an orgasm or two.

When she has recovered, she bends me over and puts the paddle to me. This gets me even more excited. I like to take a few licks and take a break and kiss her while she strokes me. It’s an absolutely wonderful feeling –  a hot bottom and her hand stroking me until I am close to orgasm. Then it’s back over for more licks.

However, this creates a dilemma for me. After a break of even three minutes, my bottom gets numb and the licks don’t sting.  If I can’t feel it, why bother, so I only get half of a paddling with a break. It’s a difficult choice, I want both, but I can only have it one way. I can choose a hot bottom and delayed caressing or a warm bottom and lots of caressing. With the latter, I feel I have cheated myself.

We evolved to have a very short break, with a few kisses and strokes before resuming the paddling.


2 thoughts on “Mutual Masturbation”

  1. Sounds good to me 🙂

    Our routine is that I am spanked and then I thank her with as many orally induced orgasms as she can take and then it’s my turn. Usually both of us are spent. If we spwnd some time talking before hand, intimately and about any subject not necessarily spanking, then the experience is even more intense.


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