What’s Going On In This Picture?

It’s certainly not a racy picture. The women are attractive, but not the “cute young things” usually depicted. For reasons that I don’t understand I find the image to be most interesting. What’s going on? One is caressing the other and the caress seems to be welcomed. What’s your take?

Maybe it’s just my life long fascination with garter belts.

One thought on “What’s Going On In This Picture?”

  1. Posted for JimC

    Red skirt = RS, Checked skirt = CS.

    RS: Wow! Your fanny is so firm! If mine was that tight Bob would spank me
    every night….
    CS: Well, George does make up some reason to spank me at least once a week
    and I just love it.
    RS: You never told me that!
    CS: A girl should be able to have some secrets.
    RS: I should spank you for keeping that from me all these years!
    CS: Hmmm, ummm, well maybe you should…..

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