4 thoughts on “Oversize Paddles – Part 1”

  1. My goodness, number 4! Is she contemplating what the paddle feels like both to give AND receive? Both is what I’m fantasising…

    And number 9! I would kiss that all over once she’s thrashed me with paddle. Oh wow.


  2. Can’t possibly imagine what it would feel like getting any of those oversized paddles firmly applied to my bare bottom.

    Ok I lied. I’ve experienced a paddle that big a few times. It’s quite an experience but one I can only take about 6 good swats of.

    I remember a long time back this one woman had one of those long wide paddles with the holes in it. She had me over a desk with my bottom naked and exposed and I swear I thought I wasn’t going to be able to walk away after she laid a good amount on me. I had small white circular marks on my ass for days.

    1. Only experienced one oversize paddle. It was a gift from a gal. It looked close to one the woman wearing the blue garter has. It was all thud. No fun to me. I did not like it, but a gal I paddled always choose it and she was a size 2 with a small but darling bottom.

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