Round Paddles

A simple photo post of paddles with round working end. They fit the bottom so well. All F/M

Love this picture

 Obviously, she is having a conversation with someone across the room

The two above are a couple from Maine. I have not seen them post in years. That’s a big green paddle.

7 thoughts on “Round Paddles”

  1. One feature of the round paddles shared here is, depending on the size of the bottom of course, how it pretty much covers the entire cheek.
    Our limited collection has the paddle in 3 and 4, now I have a better idea of how much “bottom real estate” it covers.
    Totally agree with Bogey on #7 and will add 5 as well.
    Also love material from WS in #2.
    Great post today Bogey!

  2. One thing about round paddles is they are perfect for providing attention to one cheek at a time. Also love the sound of a good round wooden paddle on the bare.

    I recognize that third photo. I won’t mention her name but I was fortunate enough to have a session with her some time ago. Went from OTK by hand, to paddle to eventually positioned in a spanking bench for a good belting.
    She’s a feisty little red headed package.

    1. Hands, sounds like a most memorable experience.
      Perhaps our hosts, Bogey & Bacall would allow you to write a post about it?
      Lots of details; like how you met/discovered her, initial contact, when you first saw each other, what you wore, what she wore, her instructions, generic pics of implements, the bench, et cetera.
      If you’re game, if it was too personal of an experience, I’d understand.

      1. Actually Zig she was a “professional “ who I was curious to give a try.

        I’ll tell you what
        I’ve written several of my adventures on this blog over the past couple of years.
        I’ll write about this one as well but I’d rather hear about one of your adventures since you’re one of the new guys here.
        We’d all like to hear. Give us a story don’t be shy , we all enjoy the same thing here.

  3. Zig, just write up one of your stories and send it directly to Bogey. He’ll post it for all to view. You don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author. Just give us a story about one if your experiences.
    I’ve sent in a few which have been posted on OBB. You can search the archives.

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