Goodbye Winter

It has rained here most days in the last four months. Now the trees are budding, some flowers are blooming and pollen is in the air. Fingers Crossed.

Say goodbye to Heidi until the next snow.

Have you noticed that we seldom post pictures of red bottoms? You can find those on popular blogs. We normally post pictures of bottoms that well suited to being spanked. This allows you to fill in the spanking in your mind.

This is either a harbinger of Spring or I have been going to the wrong gas station
Yes, Spring is arriving
You know exactly what was on her mind when she put this on

Benedict Arnold

I’m reading “Valiant Ambition: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the Fate of the American Revolution by Nathaniel Philbrick. I wanted to share two quotes with you. It puts Benedict Arnold and the revolution in a different light than I was taught.

First as a hero:

“As a warrior at Valcour Island and Saratoga, Benedict Arnold had been an inspiration. But it was as a traitor that he succeeded in galvanizing a nation. Just as the American people appeared to be sliding into apathy and despair, Arnold’s treason awakened them to the realization that the War of Independence was theirs to lose.”

As a traitor, he inspired the nation to victory:

“The United States had been created through an act of disloyalty. No matter how eloquently the Declaration of Independence had attempted to justify the American rebellion, a residual guilt hovered over the circumstances of the country’s founding. Arnold changed all that. By threatening to destroy the newly created republic through, ironically, his own betrayal, Arnold gave this nation of traitors the greatest of gifts: a myth of creation. The American people had come to revere George Washington, but a hero alone was not sufficient to bring them together. Now they had the despised villain Benedict Arnold. They knew both what they were fighting for—and against. The story of America’s genesis could finally move beyond the break with the mother country and start to focus on the process by which thirteen former colonies could become a nation.”


Mutual Masturbation

Well, that’s not exactly what this is about, but it’s really close. I have observed that we are in a minority within a minority. We spank just for sexual pleasure. That’s just 20% of all spanko’s. Then we are both switches who switch with each other. As my Mother would say, that’s are rare as hen’s teeth. Maybe we are one-percenters?

The paddlings in our early marriage were for one of us. Either Bacall or I would be the receiver. The next day usually the other would be catching. It just seemed to way to do it. A decade or so went by and Bacall decided we would have what she calls Joint Action sessions. I will never forget that term. That meant we would take turns paddling each other before we engaged in sex. Sometimes she wanted it to be all about her or all about me, but the default has been joint action sessions.

We settled in a pattern of me spanking her first. I am rigid before we even get going and it excites her to know that I want her. While I paddle her I keep her stimulated and always try to give her an orgasm or two.

When she has recovered, she bends me over and puts the paddle to me. This gets me even more excited. I like to take a few licks and take a break and kiss her while she strokes me. It’s an absolutely wonderful feeling –  a hot bottom and her hand stroking me until I am close to orgasm. Then it’s back over for more licks.

However, this creates a dilemma for me. After a break of even three minutes, my bottom gets numb and the licks don’t sting.  If I can’t feel it, why bother, so I only get half of a paddling with a break. It’s a difficult choice, I want both, but I can only have it one way. I can choose a hot bottom and delayed caressing or a warm bottom and lots of caressing. With the latter, I feel I have cheated myself.

We evolved to have a very short break, with a few kisses and strokes before resuming the paddling.


What’s Going On In This Picture?

It’s certainly not a racy picture. The women are attractive, but not the “cute young things” usually depicted. For reasons that I don’t understand I find the image to be most interesting. What’s going on? One is caressing the other and the caress seems to be welcomed. What’s your take?

Maybe it’s just my life long fascination with garter belts.