Years ago we were goofing around in the backyard when my “niece” decided we should do a photo shoot with a theme of Gone. Clothes were shown abandoned. Where did she go? 

This evolved into Bacall getting spanked. Here are a few of the dozens of images made. Poor quality. They were originally made on film.

Yes, the backyard was private. 

 Miss Fiesty – Hands on Hip – The Same As When I Met Her

 Who’s Smiling Now? I Know I Am

7 thoughts on “Gone”

  1. It is nice to see who you are. I thought maybe Bonnie was made up. Some do this online and there are even men who pretend to be women who like spanking men. Some kind of fantasy. Me I prefer marriage sites. She looks a nice lady. You are fortunate to have her as a wife. Sometimes posts come and I don’t know if it is her or you. It would be nice to know who it is sometimes.

  2. I purposely do not always say it’s Bacall. I sometimes remove a post with her identified after a short period. I have posted over the years some pictures of friends with their permission. And yes, we both know we are quite fortunate.

    1. Personally I would have liked it if I could differentiate between what you say and what she says.I am trying to learn here not just be titilated.

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