Never Embarrassed

It’s a common theme that some men and women want a third person to witness their spanking to increase their embarrassment. Doesn’t work for us. We are never embarrassed.

In fact, if someone witnesses or better yet participates in my spanking it is most welcome. I have had the privilege of Bacall have other women join her in paddling me. It was fun for all of us.

I guess if you are submissive or attracted to being punished, then the embarrassed deal works for you.

2 thoughts on “Never Embarrassed”

  1. There’s something quite exciting about being spanked in front of others or having more than one person participate in your spanking

    I’ve engaged in both many times. I don’t find it embarrassing at all. Maybe if another guy with 12 inches is there then I’d be embarrassed

  2. A round-robin or tag-team with the 3 stern and lovely lasses sounds like a quality evening. The guy, David, was quite the pioneer in spanking videos. I’ve heard he has since passed on. Those look about circa 80’s VHS video.
    The 2 delightful ladies in #2 who are wearing my fav outfit for being taken over knee, looks like another quality evening. Assuming one is left-handed, one concentrating on the left cheek, the other on the right, wow! Fvck yeah! And the nipples on those firm and perfect breasts look ever so sweet and delectable.
    Lastly, the 2 lasses in #3 I’m sure would be another wonderful, bare-bottom-on-fire OTK time!
    Great post Bogey!

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