Spread Your Legs

This ad could not be done today.

The purpose of those huge backseats was to create a rolling bedroom – a place to get to know each other better. I suppose cars are still used for sex, but I doubt they are popular as they were before 1980.

5 thoughts on “Spread Your Legs”

  1. Bogey, I think “our generation” has a unique relationship with the automobile, and especially the American Male Baby Boomer. To the WWII, Gen X & Millennial generations, the car is mainly about practical transportation. For us, the auto is about freedom, independence, power and sex.

  2. Carl couldn’t have said it better. Getting a license and that first car was the passport to freedom and independence at 17. For me it was also the era of the muscle car and of course back seat action.
    Does anybody recall the van era? Probably bigger on the west coast than in the east.

  3. Bogey – I get your overall point, but for sake of facts this is not a real ad. It is a fake based on actual ad artwork of the time (1957 to be exact). For those in the know, the immediate giveaway is the Sparkley font used that was not created until the early 1990's as a retro font. The original text just read Pontiac and the models available.
    – Enzo

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