School Girls

Spanking women dressed as schoolgirls is always popular with men. Second, a schoolgirl outfit is one of the top choices of women, even for those that never wore a uniform in school.

I think this classic drawing is from Mad magazine
I Love Fiesty

4 thoughts on “School Girls”

  1. I just love women in schoolgirl outfits, especially OTK for a spanking.

    Third photo BTW is a National Lampoon cover.
    It was a “Back to College “ edition. The girl was holding a report card in her hands with an “f” on it which was why she was being spanked.
    I don’t recall the date of the cover , had to be at least in the 80’s.

  2. There was Kentucky Fried Movie in the 1970's which gave us “Catholic High School Girls In Trouble”, lots of beautiful boobs and this scene:

    Fast forward 30 or so years and we get a naughty Brittney Spears in her short Catholic school girl dress and her top tied off showing us lots of beautiful skin and her sweet little belly button. Even Barbara Eden wasn't allowed to show her belly button in that mmm delicious genie pajama outfit that accentuated a delicious amount of cleavage…

    Agree with Hands on “especially for OTK spanking”. Actually, anything which exposes a bare-bottom is perfect for OTK. 🙂
    Bare boobs too! And sweet labia pics from directly behind an OTK spanking is super sweet!

  3. It was circa 1975 – I remember it well, as I was in college then. And they were SELLING it in normal places like drugstores and grocery stores – not just the dirty book store or the porn shop.

    Carl H

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