Years ago we were goofing around in the backyard when my “niece” decided we should do a photo shoot with a theme of Gone. Clothes were shown abandoned. Where did she go? 

This evolved into Bacall getting spanked. Here are a few of the dozens of images made. Poor quality. They were originally made on film.

Yes, the backyard was private. 

 Miss Fiesty – Hands on Hip – The Same As When I Met Her

 Who’s Smiling Now? I Know I Am

Never Embarrassed

It’s a common theme that some men and women want a third person to witness their spanking to increase their embarrassment. Doesn’t work for us. We are never embarrassed.

In fact, if someone witnesses or better yet participates in my spanking it is most welcome. I have had the privilege of Bacall have other women join her in paddling me. It was fun for all of us.

I guess if you are submissive or attracted to being punished, then the embarrassed deal works for you.

What’s Your Spanking Zone?

I break spankees into three groups. 

1) Those that like pain. There is no spanking that is too much for them. 

2) Those that want to be controlled in greater or lesser degrees. They feel guilty for the slightest transgression and need to be punished. 

3) We are in the smallest group, maybe 20% who find a hot bottom is a sexual turn on.  

Bonnie made this Venn diagram a decade ago. She also has three categories, Sexy, Fun, and Discipline. I could see pain sluts as a subset of Discipline. In this scheme, we are a 4.

What made it difficult for us in the first two decades of marriage is that we are both Alpha’s. Tell us what to do or not do and the claws come out. We finally learned to talk to each other about what we really wanted, rather than hoping the other would guess. 

Given the chance, I think most male switches will morph into bottoms in a heartbeat. A problem for women as they have to be alert to the man wanting to be spanked more often than giving spankings. It means they have to take more responsibility for the relationship they should have to.

Bonus – Tripped over this clip on YouTube. She is a true pain slut. Too bad her friends are not adept with a cane. 

Munchie Gets Caned