The Perfect Gift

There are all sorts of spankings. All sorts of reasons for them and some given for no reason at all. This is a fun spanking. A gal wanted to give her girlfriend a present of her being spanked. Ever heard of that?  And her friend is a spanko and she is not.

This clip is 17 minutes. That should be long enough to satisfy anyone.

Notice how she smiles throughout.

The Perfect Gift

14 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift”

  1. A better gift would have been to bring her friend there for a real spanking. Both of them actually.
    Cute girl, great ass, less talking.
    Shame it ended at just the spanking.

  2. I agree with Hands63. If she wanted to “give her girlfriend a gift of her being spanked” – why not let her girlfriend perform the honors? Or, if her girlfriend likes to receive rather than do the spanking, then she could offer her services to spank her. Or both!

    The girl in the video is very cute with a very spankable fanny and seems to be enjoying herself throughout the whole spanking. She certainly is not overly modest or concerned with someone else (a stranger no less!) seeing, touching and spanking her bare bottom. Why not her girlfriend? Or perhaps this video is some sort of icebreaker….

    If I was in her situation, I could certainly come up with some sort of “Gift Certificate” to give the girlfriend.

    Come to think of it, I have done similar with my wife……..

  3. I don't propose to understand true reason for her giving her friend the video of her being spanked. I thought it was playful. They both enjoyed themselves. Shows women can take a spanking with protests, tears, etc. It's so damn seldom that I run across a playful spanking, I wanted to share it. It's what we enjoy around here. PS I liked that she showed up in some very spankable shorts.

  4. Agreed, those shorts do something very nice for her. Great look. I would have loved to see a pair of panties under them as well and see them come off.

  5. Understood, and it was a fun video to watch! The shorts were nice and I also noted there was practically no resistance to baring her bottom – no underwear so I think she both anticipated getting bare and was looking forward to it as part of her gift..

  6. First; Thank you Bogey and Bacall for posting the link to the spanking. It was a lot of fun to watch!
    Second; Thanks to the lovely lass in the video for sharing this very private part of her life with us. That same also is extended to Bogey and Bacall.
    It is people like you who shamelessly share your private life, provide this forum and more, all for those to share, exchange ideas and for folks like me, to learn that enjoying a trip over her knee for a proper bare bottom spanking is not sick, demented, odd, perverted or weird.
    The lovely lass is playful, beautiful and fun. Loved that line; “pain is weakness being driven from the body” or something like that.
    Look, I get some in the spanking world are ultra serious. There should be no playing around or silliness and it should be a strict punishment. If that's your thing, great! Good for you and I accept you for that.
    For some of us, it's not that serious, it is not about punishment. For many of us, it is a time for playfulness and fun. And we should be accepted for that.
    For some, they require being strapped or caned. That's far too intense for me/us.
    In the end, whatever people share on Spanking Tube, it is not for criticism, it is for enjoyment and entertainment. If you don't like how others spank, then move on. Or, make your own video of being spanked, post on Spanking Tube and share the link her at OBB.
    Thanks again Bogey & Bacall!

  7. I have been thinking of doing a post on why spanko's hide ourselves? Men, more than women, seem ashamed of an interest in spanking. Men will take a vid of themselves screwing in motel room and that’s OK, but spanking hell no.

  8. Great idea Bogey.
    Is there anyone here who is posting videos on Spanking Tube?
    If yes, would you like to share the link?
    If no, would you be interested in sharing why you prefer not to share here?

  9. Theo, I doubt anyone would want to see my butt on video except for needing a good laugh.
    True, though , men rarely post spanking vids of themselves.
    I may have to give it a try.

    Meantime a Happy New Year to all!

  10. The butts on Spanking Tube are all ages, genders, shapes and sizes.
    I'm sure your spanked bottom would be welcome by most.
    Don't take that I'm asking to see your butt, just sayin' what's what on ST.
    Good luck on the video, should you decide to do it.

    And Happy New Year back!

  11. After watching both spanking and spooning on my smart TV I can see in her joyful eyes the enjoyment of the firm hand to pretty behind either she loves her friend very much and being part of the Christmas gift or at some level she is a spanko I could not detect this emotional detail on my mobile phone screen

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