Bacall’s Most Memorable Spanking

I asked Bacall to write about her most memorable spanking for Hermonie’s blog. She did not complete it in time to post it there, so here it is.

My memorable spanking took place at the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. We had a very private site. No one could see us as we there were high rock walls all around us, except for the narrow opening to get the RV in.

We started off playing outside, where the paddle pops echoed off the rock walls. 

Inside the RV, I enjoy getting on my knees on the sofa and looking out the window at the spectacular scenery and seeing red rocks which is my favorite scenery. When these things take place I get very excited.  I don’t remember which of the several paddles that we had with us were used, but I was Miss Tough Fanny that day.  I can still see/feel this today.

4 thoughts on “Bacall’s Most Memorable Spanking”

  1. Very interesting account.
    Obviously of the 5 senses, touch is going to be the strongest with the crack or pop of the paddle coming in second. Sight is left out, bent over and not seeing what is coming. But this memorable spanking had a beautiful view and the sound sensation had greater intensity, echoing off the rock walls.
    I love to sass my Lady with “c'mon now, do it so the neighbors can hear it!” 😛

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Ronnie. It seems that when we post personal accounts, they are mostly ignored. It's got to be our writing, you always get a boatload of comments when you post about getting a spanking. I guess our mission is to post pictures and forget about words. Well, tough. Not going to happen.

    PS A corn dog is a frank dipped in batter. A quick snack. Loaded with carbo's and sodium. I confess to liking them smeared with yellow mustard.

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