On Bacall

Back When We Were Cool – Yeah Right

Regular readers know that Bacall is still recovering from foot surgery. It’s been a long slog, 10 weeks down, 2 weeks until she is out of the boot.

We did not have any play for two months, but it’s getting better now. I gave her a long spanking last Friday. A few minutes ago, she saw me undressed ready for the shower and decided that naked bottoms get paddled. She gave me four pops with the Myrtlewood paddle she was having a hard time taking last Friday. I, of course, demanded equal time.

Now the real reason for sharing this little event. She was in the bedroom to get some red panties, advising me that it’s Christmas. It’s only December 2, but I think she has enough red panties to last until Christmas without repeating. So it’s good times a coming, she will be getting pops until Christmas. Then it’s the 12 Days of Advent.

Monday morning – She got half dressed to go to her volunteer job. She made sure I saw her wearing red panties. When she finished her coffee and got up to finish dressing, I told her I would service her. She gave the usual faux protests, while I got her paddle. I gave her four pops and pressed myself to her bottom. That got her hot, so I continued by rubbing her clit. Instant orgasm. Four more pops and more rubbing and she was ready for the day.

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