Taking The Wood Paddle

Bacall’s cast is off. She is still in a boot for a month. However, I thought some sort of celebration was in order. So, last week, I told her that tomorrow she would be getting a dose of my belt and that today would be a preview of coming attractions. So I showed her what the belt felt like for several minutes. The next day, I got out several leather items and turned her bright pink.

The next day, her bottom and her mouth felt sassy. She is giving me some friendly sass and I am telling her even though I will be leaving soon, I have time to attend to her. So what does she do, she presents herself and I get to work quickly. Solved her problem.

Now let us see some gals take a wooden paddle well laid on. 

Looking Confident

When the wood meets the bottom

9 thoughts on “Taking The Wood Paddle”

  1. How was Bacall positioned for her post-cast inaugural spanking?
    Over the sofa, hands on the chair bending over, 3-4 pillows under hips on the bed or other?

  2. She was bent over laying on the bed. While the cast is off, she is still in a boot. It can be removed when she is sleeping, but she can not put any weigh on her foot without the boot on. So the boot limited her position.

    She did bring her pillow to put under her. Such a good girl.

    Three weeks and one day until the boot will be history.

  3. I trust you were a bit more gentle with Bacall. I am sure Bacall knew she was being spanked (and enjoyed it!), but these ladies look like they will be deeply bruised…..too severe for me….

  4. Those licks are beyond Bacall's limits – most of the time. Bruising is highly variable. Some bruise easily, some not at all. Bacall bruises all over, expect her bottom. She usually feels a paddling for several hours, but it's a sensation she likes. I have no problem giving licks like shown. But, I have my limits also.

  5. It's a fun sized paddle. Grin. Same paddle, same guy in both sets of pictures. We don't like them that big. Somewhere, and more than once, there are pictures of the paddles we like.
    I was given a paddle like the one he is using. Pretty much all thud, but it made a good conservation starter.
    One gal, she was a size 2 with a perfect bubble butt, always picked that paddle for me to use on her. What one pans another embraces.

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