Comments You Don’t Want.

When OBB was new, we got comments like the one below on a regular basis.

Being a male, my wife “Mommy” knows the hairbrush brings the results she wants. I first felt the hairbrush seeing an older woman. My language and attitude she finally had enough. I was over her lap, bare bottom in position and that hairbrush got my attention. I can kick, squirm, plead, does no good, she still stop only when she knows my bottom will be difficult to sit on and that i will think hard before doing it again. When she does stop, stands me up, she holds that hairbrush in front of me and reminds me what will happen. Women and hairbrushes men should watch out.

These sort of comments were never on target and always included more grammatical errors than even I can make. I count four in this one, but it’s not the grammar that irritates, it’s telling and re-telling their little story on someone’s else’s blog anonymously.

Deleting the comments and changing the content of OBB ran them away.  

All this to say it was really good when folks like you that share our interests found OBB and started commenting.

4 thoughts on “Comments You Don’t Want.”

  1. Not easy dealing with the masses. I think some just want attention.
    I’m glad I discovered your niche blog some time ago. It’s exactly my tastes in several ways.
    As trying as it can be at times I do hope you continue. This blog is actually now the only one I follow regularly

  2. What Yorkie69 said.
    I'd imagine a lot of “stories” are in reality someone's fantasy.
    Hey, it's okay to fantasize, but attempting to pass it off as reality is a lie.
    Being a newb to this thing and in my relationship, our expanding exploration, I'd like to ask for patience from anyone and everyone on questions.
    Honestly, I'm not troll.

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