WTF – Pumpkin Edition

Images have been building up in the WTF folder.

She is scary, but some man wanted a picture of her

I can not think of a reason for this
The Brits are a little different

We all seem to like it different, but a slipper? Really. That would be like a feather to me.

It seems to me that a lot of men who want to be spanked are submissive to the extreme.  They want the woman completely in charge. They want to serve the woman and deny themselves. I learn this is Locktober, the celebration of chastity and no male orgasms. I am to believe that their women are quite happy with only oral sex. It’s a strange new world. 

With her dressed in black skimpies, putting on a cock cage would never enter my mind

Dildo’s are quite popular. Amazon sells the shit out of them. But, why would anyone think of posing this shot in the kitchen? WTF

This is totally beyond my comprehension.

Wonder Why More Submissive Men Don’t Demand This?

9 thoughts on “WTF – Pumpkin Edition”

  1. Yep, that would be no fun at all.
    I do wonder at the men that proclaim they need to be punished, but omit this simple task before the spanking. If you want to be punished, I say go the whole nine yards.

  2. …”where's the fun in that?”…
    we cast our votes in agreement with Yorkie and Bogey! Maybe when we were much younger a return engagement would have resulted, alas, not so much anymore…..

  3. Ditto on Yorkie's “spank after orgasm” retort.
    The one in the curlers made me want to hurl! How's that saying; “what has been seen cannot be unseen”…
    RE Slippering; there's a lass on SpankingTube who takes her man to ask regularly with her slipper, he seems like a sturdy guy but he's squirming like a worm on a hot sidewalk then entire spanking. But I agree with Bogey, spanking with a slipper? Why not use feathers!

  4. Someone once described “those who take a beating w/o flinching” as looking like cadavers being spanked.
    It's a spanking for cryin' out load! Squirm, wiggle, move, anything, just act alive, not like a corpse or Valium overdose…

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