6 thoughts on “The State Of Education”

  1. Yes to those “beading eyes on the blond”, 'bwahaha”.
    It could appear she is secretly wishing it was her bottom being spanked.
    Or it could be interpreted as an evil stare because she ratted out the gal with the delicious bottom who's actually getting spanked.
    Or something else?

  2. …..something else….
    Perhaps the blonde already knows she is next in line to have her bottom spanked by the young teacher, and is either looking forward to, or dreading, having her bottom warmed by him.

  3. Let's go with looking forward to as the theme of this little blog is about that. Of course, she could have thrown her friend under the bus and is enjoying the fireworks. I have seen that countless times as one “spankette” throws her friend under the bus. She knows the table will be turned on her soon enough and it's all in fun.

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