8 thoughts on “I Love Spanking My Husband”

  1. All of the ladies appear to be eager, willing and experienced accomplices.
    #1 appears playful; # 2 looks very intriguing and appears dressed and eager for activities to follow (never had a spanking with a silicone spatula….); # 3, although smiling broadly and enjoying herself is a serious spanker – I have seen her in action in a few videos – her / their relationship seems to be a Spencer Spanking Plan sort of thing for domestic discipline purposes – a bit too intense for me.

    And I too miss the wide belts on slender hips……

  2. Those wide belts were fantastic to be strapped with. . Liked getting spanked with them as much as a paddle. Something I can relate to

    Nice picture of Bacall.

  3. #1 should wear that t-shirt into a Mormon or Baptist service. [insert tongue hanging out smiley…]
    #3 spanking math; long handle + small surface contact area = “yee-ow!” Try it, you'll love/hate it!

    Hands63; first thing I noticed was the great pic of Bacall, nice shout-out.

  4. Thanks for feedback. The bright eyed blonde is one-half of the Spanking Couple. They did a lot videos, she was always enthusiastic on both ends of the paddle. The vids portrayed punishment, but in real life it was all fun.

    That's a new to me picture of Lauren Bacall. My Bacall wore the same hair style when we met. Maybe that's why I pursued her? Well that and her perfect bubble bottom.

  5. Nice new profile pic mate. I love it. I'd love to get a tawse for my wife to use. She asked why I'd want something like that and I told her that it would take much less effort for her and I'd get the intensity I want.


  6. Good selling point, less effort for her. Grin
    If you happen to live someplace where you can visit a store that sells straps, etc. Do so. Like wood paddles there is a huge difference in how they feel. Yes, you can try them out in the store. It's cool with them.

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