I Was Paddled By A Grandmother In A Wheelchair

Bacall had MAJOR surgery on her right foot. She has been four weeks in a non-weight bearing cast. She has two weeks more to go. Then two weeks in a walking cast, followed by four weeks in a boot.

So with all this going on, you can understand that no paddling has been going on here. Yesterday morning this picture showed up on my tumblr feed. It’s not the usual fare, but I never know what someone is going to post.

I have not worn tighty whities in decades, but you know that bent over anything is my fav position to take licks. The picture put my mind into overdrive wanting a paddling. I showed the picture to Bacall and she was all over it. I thought I could bend over the oval kitchen table and she could maneuver her chair to a good angle to swing the paddle.

I don’t have any tighty whities, so I put on white full cut cotton panties. I thought our little boat paddle would give her the reach she would need. She decided I should bend over two kitchen pedestal stools as they are a little lower than the table.

The paddle cracked loudly in the tiled kitchen and that always makes her happy. I thought she was swinging hard, but the licks felt so damn good I did not even flinch.

So yeah, I Was Paddled By A Grandmother In A Wheelchair and it was fun.

Kramer as an underwear model.

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