11 thoughts on “F/M Paddlings II”

  1. 1 and 6 – The Spencer Paddle – My wife's favorite Paddle – I have been on the receiving end of her Spencer Paddle many times and I can honesty tell you it teaches me total obedience. I obey my wife!

    1. I like the last picture. When my lady uses the riding crop or the beastly delrin synthetic cane, she has me in that position bending over a table. It is easier to stay in position that way, and if i don’t stay in place I get another set. She occasionally threatens to bring a friend over to hold me down. I do not like that idea, pain is something i need and turns me on, a neighbor helping and watching is not. Girlfriend says i need it. This guy is nice and comfortable with his nature.

  2. #4 – there appears to be quite an arsenal of tools available and the ladies appear to be finding this activity very enjoyable, I imagine his spanking went on for a long time, I presume that they took turns. I wonder how many of those other implements smacked his bottom that day…..
    #1 – I see the wedding ring on her finger and that leads me to believe (fantasize)that he is being paddled by his wife and that other less painful activities will follow – my kind of evening……

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