Spanked In The Shower

This post is by a regular reader who made a Lexan paddle and built a shower to be paddled in. [Yeah, my bad for ending in a preposition, so spank me. I know prepositions, but pronouns, give me a break. I slept through that month of sixth grade English]

Rambling sorry, this is Jim’s account. And please note his fine tile work as well as the handcrafted paddle.

We finally christened our new shower and tried out the Lexan paddle several weekends ago. We were at a family reunion two weeks ago and spent Labor Day weekend on a very hot sailboat cruising the Bay with W’s brother and sister-in-law.  No visits to our Bay house for the last two weeks.
There is a bit of background which needs to be understood.  The master bathroom with the “playground” shower and the master bathroom are located on the first floor.  The bathroom is completed and the bedroom is currently under renovation – paint, crown molding, new flooring, and trim. We are sleeping in the 2nd-floor guest bedroom which is very sparsely furnished with just a bed, chair and footstool.
Three Saturdays ago, I propositioned Wendy over a dinner of steamed crabs and she quickly accepted.
The lighting in the new bathroom can be bright and functional or dimmed to the level of candlelight.  In anticipation of evening activities, after we had quit working on the bedroom for the day, I had adjusted the lighting in both the master bedroom and the bathroom to candlelight level and stashed the new Lexan paddle out of sight on top of the pony wall which forms one side of the shower.
We retired to the guest bedroom and undressed with a bit of rubbing, squeezing and smooching, then slipped downstairs to the shower.  Encountered a bit of a surprise when we discovered I had installed the cartridge in the shower valve backward and the hot/cold was reversed – minor problem, readily fixable and certainly was not going to hold up any of our activities.
Water temperature adjusted and in we went for a bit of soaping and playing with the hand shower pointed at various places that found the pulsing jet very stimulating – did you know that Delta hand showers have multiple settings? Very useful…….
Wendy already knew that I wanted to be spanked and I suggested that we start in the shower and finish upstairs.  She asked, “What? Do you want me to just use my hand or have you got something waterproof?” and I produced the Lexan paddle from the top of the wall – she just shook her head and commented that I had too many paddles.
I bent over, leaned against the wall and she applied the Lexan paddle to my wet fanny.  Either she was going very easy or the reputed enhanced sting of a paddle on a wet bottom is exaggerated – in any event it was fun and definitely got us both “in the mood” for more spanking and other activities.
Out of the shower, toweled off and slipped back upstairs where the footstool was waiting with two proven wood paddles at the ready.  She pointed to the stool and commanded, “pick a paddle and bend over”; Wendy  proceeded to apply both paddles with gusto to my now red-hot fanny.
Seemingly worn out from her efforts, she collapsed onto the bed and became an active participant in various other, more gentle, activities.   At one point she commented on how warm my fanny was – I told her that meant she had done a really good job!
Wendy must have enjoyed herself since she has already “scheduled” a return engagement for this Friday night after a neighborhood party.  Anticipation is always good!

3 thoughts on “Spanked In The Shower”

  1. As a retired contractor myself I can appreciate Jim’s fine tile work and shower construction.
    However I hope Jim has building permits for that lexan paddle. It doesn’t appear to meet code standards. Should have been a few inches longer 🙂

  2. My Lexan supply was salvaged (free!) from a broken panel which covered a bulletin board – I have plenty left and am considering another design. My other design is longer and narrower and will perhaps meet Code…..will have to get a ruling from W.

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