12 thoughts on “Should We Go On?”

  1. Of course you should go on! Many of us just get busy during the summer – vacations, travel, yard work and the like all suck up our time. This is the only blog that I visit. Carry on!

  2. There very blogs I enjoy and this is one of them. I have been quiet lately as I have some “stuff” to deal with. In fact, I've been quiet on all social media.
    Please keep it going. I appreciate the effort required to maintain this type of thing but do enjoy the benefits of it.


  3. Thank you all for your support. I guess we both needed a little love.
    Welcome Terri, Minelle and Charlie.

    Elections! I want to put Washington in time out and turn off the electricity to the networks, etc

  4. I hope you continue with the blog.
    I'm new to visiting OBB and would like to ask to ask some questions, from the perspective a newbie to the wonderful world of spanko. This seems like a place I can get honest, insightful, judgement-free advice and suggestions.

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