It’s another dry spell here at OBB. I don’t have a theme of pictures to post so it’s clean out the folder time again.

I like this image. She is waiting for her paddling while looking at the paddle that is going to sting her. She wants the paddling and spending a few moments in contemplation that will help get her mind in the place she needs it. In a few minutes, she will stand, hand the paddle to the man, turn around, bend over, place her hands on the bench, arch her back, lift her chin up and wait for the sting of the paddle.

Seeing this lass while beach walking would make me stop in my tracks. Such sweet cheeks. And that paddle would fit them just right.

This picture brings back memories of youth and spring for me.


F/M Paddlings

Since this blog is about F/M paddling, and since it’s been a while since I posted any pictures of depicting paddlings that I can see myself in. Today there are seven images taken from the web that show a female, a paddle, and a bare bottom.

All have been around the world wide web several times, but I still enjoy them. Hope you do as well.

Another day I will post another seven like these.

You have a favorite?

My Recap to Spanko Brunch

Perhaps by mistake, my comment on the Spanko Brunch Recap yesterday was missing. I left it just after KDPierre’s which was the last post before Hermoine’s.

Would you ever agree to engaging in spanking with someone other than your partner?

I wrote something like this. We are not the jealous type and we have no issue with nudity. We have both been spanked by many and spanked many ourselves. It was always fun for all. 

Best Platforms For Sex

I sure wish we had this info when we were more active. Maybe you were thinking about a new mattress? Nothing beats innerspring for bouncy, but there are other considerations. Would be nice to have several bedrooms all with different mattress for variety.

Selected Sex Laws


Noticeable boners, or as the law calls it, “covered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state,” are illegal in public.

South Dakota

It is illegal to use a covered wagon in any way for the purposes of prostitution.


In Skullbone, a woman may not “pleasure a man” who is operating a motor vehicle.


In Connersville, it is illegal for a man to fire a gun while his partner is climaxing.

Panties, Panties, Panties

Still working on a decent post. This is not it. But it does have a theme.

Someone might have an obsession with panties
 Good to know
 I had no idea so many men shared my fetish for wearing panties

Not my style, but I had no idea male friendly panties were made in lace.

Vintage Ad

I was shopping online at Walmart and selected some dried mangoes. This popped up as a suggested additional purchase. I guess they know me at Walmart even though we have never bought lingerie from them online. I would have never thought Walmart would sell anything like this.