Quick Tie Madness

This is a Truly Evil Pervertable.

I had no intention of making a pervertable. It just happened.

I bound several quick ties together (with a quick tie) this morning to store in the Jeep. I have done this many times but never realized that it could be used as a bundle of switches. There is no need to wait until growing season to get supple switches. And they will last all year. 

I am not going to use them. I am not even going to suggest you try it. But if you are pain slut, this one is for you. Imagine how they would feel on the thighs.

11 thoughts on “Quick Tie Madness”

  1. It has been said that the universal emergency tool kit consists of WD-40 and duct tape – “if it is supposed to move and it doesn't, use WD-40; if it moves and it is not supposed to, duct tape it” – this applies to equipping any vehicle or domicile.

    A few years back a boating buddy of mine added zip ties to the kit.

    I must admit that a similar bundle of zip ties has been applied to my fanny; I believe we employed the 14″ size. We were on a boat, anchored in close proximity to others and a silent implement was desired.

    They do pack quite a sting for such an innocent looking item!

  2. typical spanko – looking at normal every day things and figuring out how to use them to cause pain on ones bottom. I do it all the time also

  3. Best ones I had were the ties I got from the jail which were used to tie inmates wrists and ankles. They measure about 30” long and about 1 1/4 wide. Make a very firm statement on ones bare bottom
    Another nasty but simple device is vacuum hose. Available at any auto supply, silicon hose comes in many diameters and colors. 1/4 works nicely but 1/2 makes a statement. Comes in rolls from 10 to 25 feet. Just cut off a few lengths and bundle a few together

  4. I have several fruit trees out back. The cherry trees sometimes shoot up branches from the middle straight up. These are always a bottom stinger. I select a section that starts 3/4″ and ends about 1/4″ I use rubber tape for a handle. 36″ switch will burn and makes a great swish as it passes through the air. Even a mid air swing will cause my but to pucker when my wife starts using it. It will leave stripes for quite some time.

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