Beautiful Woman in Lingerie

Sunday morning and I find I have no posts scheduled for the week. How about more objectifying women?

OK, I know, but maybe she is wearing some lingerie. I just love her look and pose. 

Donuts, they are not just for breakfast anymore

Femdom Captions

Some people are submissive. I had to deal with them in the work world and it was PIA since the subs needed special handling and care. I suppose it’s like hair color, nothing they can do about it.

I love captioned pictures. Well, I love to make fun of them anyway, especially the femdom ones. You know the ones that have women saying things some men wish women would say to them, but don’t.

The caption ruined the first image. You know how I relish a girdle. The girdle, tight sweater and wide belt date the picture to a time in my youth.

Who knew masturbation was a problem? Orgasm denial is much desired by some men.

I would have a long-term relationship with her. About a half-second after she said that.

Is this a kind of gender swap?

Skinny Dipping

It’s hot here and everywhere

Not something we do anymore, but it was fun when we were fit and slim.

We especially enjoyed the many hot springs in the Cascade Mountains. Occasionally we had them to ourselves, usually there several others enjoying a soak. I will never forget the day when a group of girls from a local college came to one of the larger pools.

Do you feel any cooler now?

Quick Tie Madness

This is a Truly Evil Pervertable.

I had no intention of making a pervertable. It just happened.

I bound several quick ties together (with a quick tie) this morning to store in the Jeep. I have done this many times but never realized that it could be used as a bundle of switches. There is no need to wait until growing season to get supple switches. And they will last all year. 

I am not going to use them. I am not even going to suggest you try it. But if you are pain slut, this one is for you. Imagine how they would feel on the thighs.

Another New Girdle

Bogey saw a girdle online and asked me about it.  I looked and it’s supposed to lift up the fanny.  The support ends under the cheeks and the cheeks were bare.  That could give quite a bit of sting.  I say “okay”.  It was ordered and took forever to get here from China (something about a slow boat LOL).  It arrived yesterday.  The front is quite nice and not too firm for my taste. But the back was another story.  I started laughing out loud, Bogey didn’t. The backside is padded, not open!   We decided that we would try it out the next day.

Today was experiment day – I brought in two paddles that he doesn’t normally use on me.  That test went great – very very little feeling at all.  This is a good girdle 🙂 Bogey tried out another paddle and gives a hard swing! Okay, I felt that and the new girdle is not pain proof!  

A week later Bacall suggested we do some girdle play and told me to stay in the den while she got ready. When she called me, it was to show that she had found that the pads in the girdle could be removed. She thought the girdle made her look better. I agreed. I liked the look, the stitching for the pad pocket framed her bottom just right. The short legs ended in lace. I liked that.

She took a long paddling. She said either the girdle provided protection or she was feeling bulletproof. I say it was the latter. Her cheeks were bright red.

Total cost of fun $7