3 thoughts on “Switching”

  1. Photo #1 – Ahh, the old faithful ping pong paddle, one has met my fanny on more than one occasion…..what a treat to be have enough privacy to play outdoors in the nude and then paddle or be paddled there also, I would be hard pressed to decide whether to “throw” the game or play my best.

    Photo #2 – strip-spank poker – what a lovely and willing partner!

    Photo #3 – if these are the results of the strip-spank poker game, he needs to brush up on his card playing skills a bit…..or not!

    Illustration #4 – the lady facing the mirror is way behind her partner, perhaps she was not as naughty?

  2. Loser gets paddled. Oh boy, many a fantasy of mine involves getting a spanking for WINNING games. Usually I'm the winner and I am receiving a SUBSTANTIAL reward for winning…


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