The Curse of My Fetish Continues

I recently blogged about my girdle fetish. That got my mind focused on the topic. I am so damn focused, it’s all-consuming.

When we got home from our trip, I found a girdle we have had since early marriage. I had no idea I could still get into it. But, I did. It’s black and when it’s on it is so sheer you can see the skin. I have been paddled in it many times, but not in a long time.

I put it on and showed Bacall. First thing out of her mouth was “Black girdle gets the black paddle.” I wore it for an hour or so until she got ready to paddle me. I was expecting it to sting as the black paddle is our stingest paddle. I bent over a dining room chair and from the first lick, I knew it was going to be one of her classic Aunt Bacall paddlings. She does not hold back. Damn did it sting. Did the girdle amplify the sting?

I got ten on the girdle and then it came down for another four on the bare bottom. I was so high.

That should have gotten it out of my system. But, no, I wanted it again. So we did it again yesterday. It stung just as much. I am doomed.

5 thoughts on “The Curse of My Fetish Continues”

  1. I also have a girdle fetish. What you describe is what I get every so often from my wife. My fav is a Spanx pantygirdle that really really rubs my very sore rear as we walk along. It is a reminder that she can have me over her knees at any time, any place, even in public. What a threat! Keep going with it and any pictures?

  2. I know what you mean. My response to the question “What is the best spanking you've ever had?” Is always “The next one”.
    Talk about single mindedness…


  3. OMG, you have entered into my thing! My wife and I decided to 'branch' out and try all sorts of things and she put me into her panty girdle one evening and, wow!, amazing feelings. Hard (no pun!) to explain but now I'm hooked. Us males!!

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