Girdle Spanking

A perverted old man posts about his fetish. In this case an article of women’s clothing.

I don’t know what it is about a panty girdle that gets me so excited. It’s an obsolete article of wear. I have always liked to paddle women wearing one and I like to be paddled by a woman wearing one. Heck, I even like to be paddled wearing one. It compresses the bottom so that the red zone is smaller than it would be without it. Physics I guess.

You may have noticed there is more F/M material on OBB this year. I did not intentionally change the mix, it’s just that my thoughts have once again focused on those interests. That’s a part of being a switch. I hope our female readers will not be turned off.

I have confessed to having a fetish for women’s panties and girdles. I not only like to see women in them, I like to spank women wearing them, I like to put them on and be spanked in them. This seems to be fairly common with men who are into being spanked. It’s not something I want to be mentioned at my funeral, but I can write about it here.

In recent years we have bought several light control girdles – which are really just thick panties. Our firm control girdles long ago shrunk and we had not thought about replacing them. Last week I got into a dialog with a couple about spanking and girdles. We share a lot in common. That’s when I realized we did not have real panty girdles to wear anymore. We will rectify that soon.

I let my wee mind think about this for awhile and here is where it went. Put on a girdle and think and talk about getting paddled. Take the girdle down, get paddled, pull the girdle back up and go on with the day. The girdle will keep my mind focused on the burn in my bottom. The next day put on the girdle again, get paddled and engage in sex. We tried it out yesterday and I have to say I was thinking about the paddling for several hours while we were at a car show.

This morning, I asked Bacall when we should do the second part and she thought there was no time like the present. So again I was bare bottom getting toasted.

Can’t wait to get matching panty girdles. Ones pictured here are proving hard to find.

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  1. I really like that first piccy. She is quite pretty and damned hot in that attire.


  2. A very interesting article. This has aroused me, my elder sister was spanked in her panty girdle by my father many years ago and suddenly the memories have flooded back.I wonder what it would be like to suffer the same fate from my wife!

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